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Review of Carole P. Roman Books


Children’s books like those written by Carole P. Roman can be such a fun way to explore history, or culture or even practice reading.  We received 3 more books from the Carole P. Roman books and collections to add to our home library.  We loved every one that we have received.  This time we received:  “If You Were Me and LIved in… Renaissance Italy“; “If You Were Me and Lived in… the Middle Ages” and “IF YOU WERE ME AND LIVED IN… ISRAEL A Child’s Introduction to Culture Around the World“.

Carole P. Roman has written books that are perfect for ages 2 to 15.  So if you have children in this age range, you are sure to find something to suit your family’s interests.  There is the Cultural series- good for ages 4 ish- 8, but can be read aloud to various ages.  Then there is the Historical series, for ages 8 to 15 and that is crammed full of interesting facts and gorgeous illustrations.  Next, there is the Captain No Beard series for ages 3-8 and that series was written about Carole P Roman’s grandchildren.  Or you can choose from the bedtime series, the “Oh Susannah” series, the “Rocket-Bye” books and more.


The first book I want to discuss is “If You Were Me and Lived in…Renaissance Italy“.  This book examines what life was like during the Renaissance period in Italy. My daughter loved looking at the various outfits in all of the illustrations.   The pictures of the architecture of the period are stunning.  We loved how we were told what possible names during the period might be including Dolce or Lisabeth for a girl or Lorenzo and Cosimo for a boy.  The descriptions of what the life of the people was like captured our interest and imagination.  The description of illustration of what the home of a merchant might have looked like made us feel like we were actually there.  The descriptions of how children learned and what they studied were also interesting.  Our daughter found it fascinating to read how the education of males and females differed in the subjects they studied and the goals of their education.  For example, as a girl, our daughter would have learned how to be an effective housewife, but still would have had classes in art, music, dancing and other subjects such as embroidery.  In the back of the book, the pictures of artwork from the period really pulled our daughter in and captured her attention.    There is also a list of famous people from the period along with a glossary of terms.  So there is plenty of information to build upon.  Here are some pictures from the book.




Next, I would like to review “If You Were Me and Lived in the Middle Ages”.


Once again this book captures the imagination with the information and illustrations provided.  The illustration of what a village might have looked like gave a very good visual to associate with the period.  Carole P. Roman provides excellent information about what life would have been like for both girls and boys.  The importance of the church and religion during the period is stressed.  Also, what children learned and how they were taught was explained.  Finally, she gives important people from the period and a glossary of important terms.  Here are some pictures from the book.


Finally, “IF YOU WERE ME AND LIVED IN… ISRAEL A Child’s Introduction to Culture Around the World” concludes our book selections.  This book happens to be for a younger audience than our daughter.  But we have friends with children who would be the perfect age for this book.  So I chose to review this book myself.  The book speaks to a level younger children can understand with fewer words on a page, wonderful illustrations and descriptions to keep the child’s interest while reading or listening to the book.  The combination of illustrations of people with what looks to be almost realistic photographs in the background strike a vivid picture.  I loved how she gave the names children would have called their mothers and fathers.  The discussion of typical things like shopping and extra activities the children might be involved in created a good mental picture of what life would have been like.  Here are some pictures from this book.


So if your family loves books, check out the  Carole P. Roman books and collections that can be such a fun way to explore history, or culture or even practice read. If you would like to read more reviews by other members of the Home School Review Crew, click here or on the graphic below.