We are a Christian military family who have been homeschooling for the past ten years.  We have four children – three sons and one daughter who range in age from almost 20 to 13.

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  1. Patti,
    Thank you so much for your review of When Only Faith Remains. I am encouraged by your response and have had you on my heart all day since reading your honest thoughts. My family and I live very near to a military base and we serve, know, and love countless military families through our medical practice. I have been lifting up “relationship” on your behalf all day as it pertains to your sharing. You have a high and holy calling as a homeschool mom and teacher, military spouse, and servant of the Lord. No doubt your journey is the breaking and the making of you. Grace and Peace my Sister Christ, Love, Amy


  2. Hi there! My name is Christian and I’m a 10-year veteran of SAT Prep tutoring and the founder of Love the SAT Test Prep. I’d love to get in touch directly, but couldn’t find a contact form. Could you reach out to me by email if you get a chance? 🙂


  3. Patti, Thank you for your lovely review of my book “The Sugar Baron’s Ring.” I’m so appreciative of your kind words and for helping spread the word about my books. I don’t see how you find the time with homeschooling 3 boys and a girl. I have three boys also, so I know how busy it can be, and we stopped after we realized we were outnumbered. Blessings! Lorri


  4. Patti,
    Thank you for another great review. I’m so glad you enjoyed The Captain’s Quest. I’m so grateful for you taking the time to share your thoughts and the opportunity to be on your blog.
    Lorri Dudley


  5. Thank you Patti for leaving a thought provoking review of my book and for the blessing you are in reading and reviewing my work. You are appreciated. Hugs. Blossom


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