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Review of NatureGlo’s eScience MathArt 4 Class Bundle



Finding science courses that keep the interest of our fifteen-year-old daughter proves challenging on a good day.  What worked for our three sons does not even remotely come close to working for our daughter.  She is a very artistic child and loves learning about nature, but not in the traditional textbook sort of way.  But my nature-loving artistic daughter loved the idea of reviewing the MathArt Online 4-Class Bundle from NatureGlo’s eScience!  This eScience online learning experience proved to be a great fit for our daughter.

Founded and directed by Gloria Brooks states on their website in the “About NatureGlo” section, “NeS is a nature lover’s eLearning center providing neutral worldview math enrichment (MathArt) and science live and self-paced online courses and curriculum for home and school educators and students.”  She teaches science from a neutral viewpoint, so this means she does not address origins in any of her teachings – including creation or evolution.  For our family, I have to say we would personally prefer a Christian worldview, but a neutral worldview seemed okay in this case for our daughter.  She has been teaching homeschool students since 2010.

The MathArt Online 4-class Bundle includes the following courses:

  • Math Connections with the Real World
  • MathArt in Ancient Cultures
  • Mathematics in the Arts & Sciences
  • MathArt: Patterns in Nature

All of the courses are or will be available as recordings of an actual live class.  All of the classes are meant to be completed during a six-week period. So by completing all four courses, a student would be able to earn a full credit for science.  MathArt: Patterns in Nature is still to come.  We decided to focus on MathConnections with the Real World.  After our daughter watched the first video, I asked her what she thought of the video.  She thought it was fairly interesting.  Since she loves art, she enjoyed all the references to art, and since she has begun taking violin lessons, she enjoyed the musical references as well.

Each lesson contains videos, downloadable files (including the slides used in the class – very handy for taking notes on), a study workbook, online quizzes and activities and a list of suggested activities for the student to complete.  The course includes lessons the History of the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci numbers; The Golden number & Fibonacci Number in Art, Architecture, and Nature; The Fibonacci Numbers in Nature; The History of the Golden Ratio and the Great Pyramid; Phi & Quasicrystals; and the Mathematics of Music.

Here are some screenshots of some of the first and second lessons.

I love that NatureGlo’s eScience offers a library of incredible resources at the student’s fingertips to refer to and to utilize.  This library is broken down by course and lesson and includes resources such as:

  • Web Resources
  • Projects, Activities, & Video Tutorials
  • Video Tutorials
  • Main Lesson Videos
  • Informative Videos

Students and parents can decide what resources to utilize and what projects to complete.  There are additional PDF files that can be downloaded as well.  Here are some screenshots.


You can find NatureGlo’s eScience on social media at the following links:

All in all, we have enjoyed the material in this bundle.  I love how it is not simply a textbook to read with simple questions to answer, but rather something to be savored and sampled based on what the students and parents desire to complete.  We look forward to completing more of the courses in this bundle.  We will update as we do complete more work in this bundle.

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