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Structure and Style® for Students Year 1 Level C from Institute for Excellence in Writing® – A Review

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

If you have struggled to teach writing, I encourage you to check out Structure and Style® for Students Year 1 Level C from Institute for Excellence in Writing®. Very early on in our homeschooling journey, we discovered Institute for Excellence in Writing® and more specifically Mr. Andrew Pudewa. Our oldest son, in the fifth grade, detested writing with a passion. Teaching writing took on nightmarish qualities and resulted in tears. Once we discovered IEW, writing became less of a chore.

 Institute for Excellence in Writing® provides a wealth of writing resources ranging from the Structure and Style®, Fix-It! Grammar, Spelling, Teacher Helps, Professional Development and more. The Structure and Style® for Students Level C consists of a Printed spiral bound Teacher Manual, a three-ring student binder along with access to streaming videos. When we first encountered IEW years ago, the videos came in the form of DVDs. Streaming the videos allows families to take less with them if they are on the go. Also, it eliminates the concern of damaged DVDs.

One our family’s (especially my three sons) favorite things about these courses resides in the source literature choices. Structure and Style® for Students Year 1 Level C provides students with step-by-step instructions and guidelines for becoming proficient at writing. Designed for high school students, I feel our sons have a firm grasp on writing. With our middle two sons preparing to enter college within the next year, and a daughter nearing the end of her high school homeschooling journey I felt this course would be perfect for reviewing writing skills.

The lessons include streaming videos, exercises and homework. One of our favorite parts about the videos remains the lessons being presented in front of a live classroom. The instructional portion from the streaming videos allows me to concentrate on other things besides preparing lessons or figuring out what I want our children to complete when writing. Check out these pages from the Student notebook and the Teacher Manual.

Our daughter (and our sons when they utilized the program) appreciate being told exactly what they need to do to complete each writing assignment. The expectations provide guidance on what will be graded and what needs to be done. My daughter watches the video, follows along the assignments, completes the homework, and then hands it to me to be graded. Once graded, she places it in her notebook and moves on to the next assignment.

In Week 3, which our daughter is currently working on now, the source material is “Caesar and the Pirates”. Literature suggestions are also provided. Optional assignments from Fix It! Grammar provide an additional source of language arts material. Check out what she completed so far this week.

You can find IEW® on Social Media at the following links:


Truly writing produces anxiety and more in both parents/teachers and students alike. Trying to convince reluctant writers to actually write provides difficulty in the best of circumstances at times; however, Structure and Style® for Students Year 1 Level C from Institute for Excellence in Writing® allows families to embark on a writing journey that provides writing instruction along with the ability to include grammar and literature in a way that sheds meaning on the subject.

The biggest excitement one of my children ever had (and even though he turned 24 this summer) resulted from our oldest son riding in an elevator with Mr. Pudewa at a homeschool convention. Both in person and in the videos Mr. Pudewa’s personality and passion for writing come across. So if you are looking for a writing curriculum, I strongly recommend checking this product out for yourself.

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