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18 years ago today

18 years ago today our world forever changed. We went from being a family of 5 with three sons to being a family of six with three sons and a daughter. Rebecca came into our world and made it much brighter.

The things she has done because she has three older brothers amaze me. You know the song, “anything you can do I can do better, I can do anything better than you….”. Well that sums up our daughter’s view perfectly.

With three older brothers to watch over her and entertain her, life has never been boring in this house. This year will be the first year however that her oldest brother Jacob is not here physically with us. But I know he is with us in his thoughts.

So today we celebrate the birth of our baby girl. She came into this world bring happiness and light. The way she still connects with her brothers and her father bring joy to my heart. She truly has been a blessing from God.

So happy birthday, darling girl!