Weekly Wrap-Up for the week ending on November 4, 2018


So this past week provided the close of another installment of Write 31 Days.  While I did not manage to get everything posted exactly on time, I did manage to write 31 posts for the month.  The posts were not necessarily as detailed as I wanted them to be, so do not be surprised to see me revisit some of them in the months to come.

This week also saw our family move into a new realm.  We became the proud owners of a Pioneer Woman Instant Pot, even if it did take two tries to get it right.  When we brought the first one home Wednesday night and took it out of the box, a large dent marred the otherwise beautiful perfection.  So we returned it the next day for another one, which we made sure to check in the store.  So even though we have not actually used it yet, we are excited to own it.


This week also saw our youngest son enter the realm of tennis.  He joined a local homeschool class for tennis.  Even though it was his first time playing, he really enjoyed himself and was glad he had the opportunity to participate.

So what has been going on with your family?  I would love to hear from you.  Also, if you would like to read what other members of the Home School Review are posting about this week, click here or on the graphic below.


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