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Off to a Slow Start


So my ambitious plans had our family starting our new school year last week.  We actually began last week with just math and language arts.  This year we have a 9th grader, a 10th/11th grader and a senior.Language Arts seems to be going fairly well for our three.  We are using Daily Grams again this year.  I like the way the books are laid out and the way they can complete the work including grading it by themselves.

But math once again is going to be where I desire to bang my head against a wall.  I can not find a math program I like for high school. I find programs I think we are going to like, but then things take a downward spiral.  One of these days I will find a perfect program hopefully.  But in the meantime, I am turning the math teaching over to my husband.

The plan is to start History, Writing, Literature and Latin next week along with spelling.  So that means one day this week, I will be administering spelling tests to the children.

I still need to order materials for Science and some electives to round out our year.  In the coming days I will share what each child is doing for the year.

How are things going where you are?  I would love to hear from you.