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Perfect Reading & Beautiful Handwriting – A Review

Perfect Reading & Beautiful Handwriting - A Review

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

If you like to use copywork to reinforce phonics and handwriting you want to be sure to take a look at Perfect Reading, Beautiful Handwriting ebook from Everyday Education, LLC. High school record keeping, especially transcripts can be so overwhelming for parents so you should consider this book from Everyday Education LLC that teaches italic handwriting.

This book is available in both a physical form and an ebook form.  It contains sixty lessons designed to help the student learn italic penmanship by moving from straight penmanship to slanted and joined.  I decided to participate in this review primarily for myself because of the edged pen practice.  However, I may have our teenage daughter work through this book at some point.

I love how this program is designed to be completed in only 60 days.  I know when our children were younger they frequently became bored with doing the same type of things over and over again This program is designed to assist with both reading and writing well.  The copywork is perfect for those families who prefer to use a Charlotte Mason approach to homeschool.  Addressing everything from proper posture to holding a pen properly to spacing, slanting, and sizing, this book offers it all.

Depending on the age of the person either being taught or using the book, different ways of using the book are given.  I firmly believe in the importance of children learning to read and being able to read well.  As a child, I was taught the love of reading, so I was never lonely or bored because I always had a book with me.  Perhaps because my husband is in the military and by the age of ten our children needed to be able to properly write their signature in a relatively small block in order to be issued their military identification card, I believe that good handwriting is a necessity, but beautiful handwriting is even better.  I truly believe handwriting can be an art form.

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Everyone needs to go through Chapter 2 before moving on to the other chapters in the book.  Because my goal was to learn to use an edged pen (or calligraphy style pen), I read through the material at the beginning of the book and then went through chapter 2.  Because I was able to download this book, I added it to an app on my iPad so  I could practice on the go with my Apple pen for Chapter 2 in addition to doing it on paper.

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I have to say, I found the edged pen a little more challenging than I expected.  Because of the soft tip of the pen I used, I found it difficult to form letters such as “e’ with as much finesse as I wanted them to have.  But I do plan on continuing to practice.  I also found that using the edged pen I selected  I had difficulty some times fitting all of the letters of all of the words on the lines provided.  So I think I would have benefited from using a different paper.

You can find Janice Campbell and Everyday Education, LLC on social media at the following links: Facebook either here or here, Twitter either here or here, Instagram, and Pinterest.

So if you are looking for a way to introduce reading and penmanship for young children or you are looking for some to help a learner who is struggling, you just want to have beautiful handwriting yourself, check out this book for yourself.

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