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Review of Drive Thru History® “Acts to Revelation”


Drive Thru History®‘s Dave Stotts is our engaging and entertaining tour guide as we tour with Drive Thru History®  “Acts to Revelation”.  This series makes the perfect Homeschool Bible Curriculum.  I have to say our family really enjoys watching and learning from the videos with Dave Stotts.  He does an excellent job of providing information, insights, along with captivating scenery and pictures.  Of course, my family also enjoys seeing the vehicles Dave drives in the episodes.  We elected to watch the videos as a family – so myself, my husband, our 22-year-old son (when his work scheduled allowed him to participate), our 20-year-old son, our 18-year-old son and our 16-year-old daughter watched together.

From the Drive Thru History® website on their “About” page comes the following quote, Drive Thru History with Dave Stotts® is a fun, fast-paced, content-rich history show that speeds through ancient civilizations, the Holy Land, and the founding of America, allowing the viewer to experience the people, places, and events that shaped our world and the Christian faith. To date, ColdWater Media has successfully produced and distributed 54 episodes.”  Truly they do a remarkable job of bringing history to life.

The series contains 18 episodes which each run for about 30 minutes.  The episodes provide a tremendous amount of history, Scriptural and Biblical references along with information about the lives of the very first Christians. The series essentially uses the book of Acts as a roadmap.   As we started watching the first episode, we loved the way Dave Stotts took the time to set the stage of Jesus’ final days and how that impacted the disciples.  We are a military family, which means we have moved around some and therefore attended quite a few churches.  One of the churches we attended was a Pentecostal Church, so hearing about the day of Pentecost captured our interest.

Because our 16-year-old daughter loves to draw, the photographs and pictures used in the series mesmerized her.  I appreciated how Dave Stotts took the time to explain that some of the artwork used in the series may not completely represent the actual event but assured the viewers they try to keep it as realistic as possible.  It is apparent this Homeschool Video Curriculum really takes time to include majestic and incredible scenery, artwork and illustrations.


Another part of the series family loved was the inclusion of live actors and actresses portraying various scenes from the Bible as seen in the picture above.  My husband is an ordained Primitive Baptist preacher and has spent a lot of time in the books of John and Paul.  So our children grew up hearing their father speak on those subjects.  So in the episode where we get to see an actor portraying Paul and speaking his words written in the Bible, they found it fascinating.  Our family also loved the inclusion of maps, actual Biblical locations and Scriptural passages that are used to convey the messages in the series.

Our family also appreciated the discussion about the book of Revelation and the message included for the 7 churches including Laodicea.  The description of them being “luke-warm” people rather than being either hot or cold caught the attention of everyone in the family.  We also were amazed at the differences between the various sites and how much restoration had been done in some while others had not even been explored yet.  Some of our children noted that the unexplored areas leave more to the imagination.

My husband appreciated the discussion where Dave Stotts showed how actual history and locations provide support for the accuracy of the Bible.  He also appreciated how Dave Stotts made it clear that the book of Jude was meant to help equip Christians for living in the end days, and has as much relevance for believers today as it did at the time it was written.  Another statement that caught the attention of my family was that Christian persecution during the early days of the church did not slow down the growth of the church.  Also, the list of disciples and other early Christians who died for their faith led to an interesting discussion of whether Christians today would be so willing to die for their beliefs.

Along with the three DVDs which come with the set, there is also a study guide.  The study guide is actually bound into the case the DVDs come with, which is great for having it all together, but makes using a bit tricky since it did not want to stay open for me.  The study guide includes general information about the series,  a list of the episodes, summaries of each episode, discussion questions, Biblical passages to read, side roads that include additional information, along with amazing photographs and illustrations. Possible ways to use the study guide would be to simply allow them to guide an oral conversation between those who have watched the episode or your family could choose to require the answers to the questions be written out.

You can find Drive Thru History® on social media using the following links:  Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.  So check out Drive Thru History®  “Acts to Revelation” for yourself.  Also, click here or on the graphic below to read more reviews of this amazing series from other members of the Home School Review Crew.


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Review for Drive Thru History Adventures



If you are looking for a Homeschool Video Curriculum for American History, Bible History, or Ancient History you are going to want to check out Drive Thru History Adventures.  Our family has a lot of people in it who love history.  But some members get tired of studying the same topics over and over again by just reading a textbook.  They want to get more involved with what they are studying.  So when we received the opportunity to review Drive Thru History Adventures, we were very excited. For this review, we reviewed the Bible History curriculum.  Although we have not finished going through the entire curriculum yet, I have to say our family is loving it.  This curriculum is available online and even has apps you can download for watching on the go.


The Ancient History curriculum offers 12 weeks on early Greece, Rome and Asia Minor.  The American History curriculum offers 12 weeks on Early American History.  Finally, the Bible History curriculum, which is the one our family is reviewing, offers 18 weeks on the Gospels.  Each curriculum includes videos of course, but so much more is offered as well.  This is an online curriculum, which is a feature I love.  Even if our family travels, we would still be able to watch the videos and do the assignments.

The youngest member in our family is our 15-year-old daughter, but even if your family has younger members this curriculum would be beneficial.  Younger children could simply watch the videos and then do whatever assignments you feel they could handle.

When you log in, you see a dashboard.  From here you can access the videos, additional resources, curriculum, community, your account and even Adventures TV.  What I love about Drive Thru History Adventures most is how you get access to all three history programs for one subscription price.

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 8.45.23 AM


The Adventures TV is the app side of this curriculum.  It can be downloaded from the app store for either iTunes or Google Play to allow you to watch the videos on the go on your portable devices such as your smartphone or tablets.  I have to say I like this feature since it means we can watch the videos anywhere we have access to our mobile devices. I love that there is an option to download the videos so they can be watched even if there is no Internet service available or I do not wish to use my data plan from my wireless provider. Although we did not need to utilize this feature during the review period, I definitely can see the advantages of it – especially if you are a family that is constantly on the go.

As we watched the first episode together, I have to say I was impressed with this curriculum.  Even my husband who has been an ordained Primitive Baptist Preacher for over twenty-five years, and has completed a Bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies found facts he did not know in the videos.  The scenery and locations are breath-taking.  We especially were intrigued by the discussion the Wailing Wall.  I found it astounding that companies offer the option to email prayer requests that will then be printed and place in the cracks on the wall.

The videos include a wealth of knowledge, locations and even amazing art to illustrate the points being made. Dave Stotts does an incredible job of narrating these episodes by including facts and even some humor to keep the viewers engaged.  The first video adventures compare the four gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John and provide the groundwork for the rest of the video adventures.

The episodes chronicle the life of Christ including the announcement of His impending birth, him growing up, the beginning of His ministry, the miracles He performed, arriving in Jerusalem for the last time, the Last Supper, His trial, the Crucifixion, His Resurrection, and concludes with who Jesus is.

The videos are around 30 minutes long and it is recommended to watch one video a week and then do additional assignments including a summary, Bible Scripture reading where different versions are available right on the page, discussion questions, worksheets (with the answer sheets also provided), and even topics for digging deeper.  We decided initially to just do the discussion questions orally as a family.

The artwork included offer beautiful displays that go along with the videos.  Approximately 50 sites in Jerusalem are included.  Since I do not see our family traveling to Jerusalem given the current world situation, these video adventures are the next best thing to being there ourselves.

Right now, Drive Thru History Adventures has a special promotion for a limited time where they are offering a set of The Gospels DVD to those who join with an annual subscription.

Also, if your family subscribes to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, near the front of the Winter Edition, you can find a coupon code to get 20% off the annual subscription.  You can find the digital edition of the magazine here

So check out Drive Thru History Adventures for yourself.  If you would like to read reviews from other members of the Homeschool Review Crew for all three of the curriculum selections, click here or on the image below.

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