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Artwork from Our Daughter


For a number of years now, our daughter has had one real passion – to do art.  Her goal is to eventually write and draw her own graphic novels.  But I love seeing her create other pictures as well.  The picture above is flowers she drew using a product we reviewed for the Homeschool Review Crew.  See this link if you wold like to read that post.

I love seeing all the different pictures she creates.  The other day, we were sitting at a booth waiting on Dad to come back with drinks for us.  She whipped out her handy, dandy, always present sketch pad and started drawing.  As she drew, I noticed she kept looking up at me.  I was surprised to see she had drawn this picture of me.

Here are some of the other drawings she has done recently.

I always love seeing what she creates.  In addition to drawing by hand, she also enjoys working on the computer as well.  Here are some pictures she has done on the computer.


One of the most amazing things about my daughter’s artwork is that she has never really received any formal instruction. Instead, she has learned from books, looking online and just doing what she love.  I hope you have enjoyed seeing my daughter’s artwork.  I love sharing it.