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Weekly Wrap-Up – The one with my husband getting shingles


So this week that we are wrapping up today is one that saw us dealing with something we were not expecting.  Early in the week my husband noticed he had what looked like some bites or something else that we were not sure of initially.  However, by Wednesday evening, whatever it was had gotten to the point we thought it might be shingles.  So Thursday morning, he went to our primary care doctor and found out it was indeed shingles.  He was given prescriptions for it and he came back home.  Each day since then it has gotten a little bit worse looking.  Here is what it looked like at first.


Let me assure you, it looks worse now then it did then.  But hopefully, he is starting to turn a corner now and will start feeling better a little bit at least. So needless to say a lot of homeschool did not get done this week.

Our youngest son has been fairly diligent about getting his work done.  Yesterday, he was working on CTC Math for Geometry.  He ran into a couple of problems that stumped him, so he brought them to me for help.  We were able to quickly get things back on track and he wound up doing very well with his worksheet.

Upcoming Reviews

Here are some of the reviews our family is currently working on:

I have to say our family is really excited about these reviews.  I am looking forward to bringing these reviews to you.

So what happended in your world this week?  I would love to hear from you.