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Adjusting to Texas


So it has been a while since I posted here.  In March, we moved from Pennsylvania to Texas because of my husband’s job.  We have spent the rest of the time attempting to settle into our new home.  Moving is quite an adventure and when you are not the one to pack everything, it makes it more of a challenge, especially when different people were on the crew each day.  But we are working towards getting everything unpacked and finding what we need.  Since we are settling in, homeschooling has been put on hold.  However, my children are about to get back to the daily routine of homeschooling, chores, church and other activities.

Normally this time of the year, we are gearing up to attend homeschooling conventions.  I love the experience of examining books and curriculum.  However, our move made that a challenge with the dates of conventions in our new location.  But I have found two in Texas that we can attend in June and July – so stay tuned for me to share what wonderful things we discover.

So what is going on where you are?  I would love to hear from you.



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2016 is Fast Approaching


     Christmas is over and we are on our way to a new year.  This means it is time for me to begin setting up my new planner for the new year.  This year I am using 2 new planners. One is the Corie Clark Daily Planner and the other is the Living Well planner.  I am excited about both of these planners.  Here are some pictures of the cover and inside of the  Corie Clark planner.

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Beauty of Homeschooling


  So we know we are getting orders, but we just don’t know when yet.  We know we are expecting to report tentatively in February to Texas.  So the fun now is getting ready for a move that is surrounded by uncertainty.

Homeschooling allows us the flexibility to prepare for the move while still accomplishing some of my goals for homeschooling.  Also, it gives me time to evaluate what is working and what needs to be changed.  So how are things going where you are?  I would love to hear from you.

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“O” is for Organization and Opportunities


Here is another day of the Blogging A to Z challenge.  “O” is for opportunities and Organization.

The first thing that comes to mind when I see the letter “O” is organization.  As a homeschooling family, organization is paramount to everything we do.  It is important for us to organize everything from schoolwork, to laundry to chores to meals and even free time.  It is important for us to have plans and ideas of what we hope to accomplish.

“O” also brings to mind opportunities.  As a homeschooling family, it is important for us to pay attention to opportunities that arise.  These may be opportunities for classes, field trips and service projects.  We may be able to help a neighbor, friend or fellow church member.

So what comes to mind when you read the letter “O”?