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“M” is for Mystery of History, Males, and Memories


Here is my next post for the Blogging A to Z challenge.  Today’s letter is “M”.  For me, “M” is for Mystery of History, Males and Memories.

Mystery of History is one of my favorite History programs.  I was introduced to it when we first started homeschooling.  Throughout the years, we have enjoyed listening to it, reading it and doing the assignments for it.  There is such a variety of activities to complete.  The author Linda Lacour Hobar acutally reads all the volumes for the audiobooks.  She does a fantastic job with this and the music that plays in the background is fantastic.

Next “M” is for males.  In a household of 6, males dominant our home.  With a husband and three sons, there is never a dull moment around our home.  They keep life exciting.

“M” is also for memories.  My children provide a large variety of memories over the years.  One of my favorite memories is taking our family to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg.  The park lends itself to creating memories that will last a lifetime.  This year might bring one of the best memories with my daughter possibly being tall enough finally to ride all the rollercoasters in the park.  We will see how many she actually choses to ride.

So what comes to mind for you when you see the letter “M”?  I look forward to hearing from you.