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A New Discovery

  So it is summertime here, which means it is time to put up fresh produce for the upcoming year.  When Dennis and I were first married, we lived where we could have our own garden.  Dennis has an amazing green thumb.  He is able to grow anything he set his mind to, so we had all kinds of fresh vegetables.  This included green beans, corn, garden peas, peppers, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, crowder peas and more.

Then he went full time in the Army Reserves, so we moved into military housing and couldn’t have a garden.  From there we moved into two other homes that we could not have a garden really.  Then we moved to a home where we could have had a garden, but didn’t really have the time for it.  Plus the growing season was a lot shorter.  Then we moved again and we no longer could have a garden.  Now we live in a different home in the same area and having our own garden is not an option again.  But we are tremendously blessed to live in an area where we can buy fresh produce from local Amish farms.

So this year we have made an investment in a pressure cooker so we can put up corn, green beans and other things that have a low acidity.  So today for the first time, we used the new toy to put up green beans.  There is such a sense of satisfaction that comes from hearing the jar lids “pop”.  So we put up 7 quarts of green beans this morning.  We still have corn to put up.  We bought about 4 bushels of corn.

I love being able to simply go to my shelves or freezer and pick out fresh vegetables or fruit that we have put up ourselves.  Plus when buying from the Amish farmers, we save money at the same time that we support their families.