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How Did I Get Here – A Review

About the Book

Do you feel lost? Disconnected? Like you’re just going through the motions?

When you don’t know the next step to take, God’s grace empowers you with a way forward. His hope offers an anchor for the soul and a way to get back on track. His faithfulness declares that wherever you are now, he is always ready to bring you home.

As a respected Bible teacher, author, and activist, Christine Caine knew that Jesus was her only anchor. But after an especially difficult season, she found herself drifting, unsure if she wanted to keep going the way she always had and asking, “How did I get here?” as she struggled to return to the steadiness of God’s purpose for her. Where she once wanted to take ground, she now just wanted to take cover. It was a bewildering and disorienting place to be—one you may also have found yourself in before.

Life rarely goes the way we planned, and Christine Caine tackles that idea in her latest book. Combing candor with humor, Christine Caine provides insights for learning to trust God more and recognizing He has a path for us to take. Sharing her own journey, Christine creates a work her readers will relate to in the end. Including thoughts, prayers, actions and sometimes hard questions, this book deserves your attention. The topics she touches on suit the climate of today’s world. So check it out for yourself.

About the Author:

Born in Austrailia, Christine CAine loves Jesus and serves a a speaker, author, and activist. She desires to reach the lost, strengthen leadership, and champions the cause of justice. Along with her husband she created the A21 campaign for combating human trafficking in addition to Propel Women, an organization designed to celebrate the strengths, passions, purposes, and potential.

Purchase your own copy of the book here.

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Mysteries of the Messiah – A Review


God’s Word, written by many people over thousands of years, is not a random selection of people and stories, but they have intricate connections. Rabbi Jason connects the dots for readers, helping them see with clarity what God intended.

Highlighting connections that have been hidden from non-Jewish eyes, Rabbi Jason Sobel pulls back the curtain to shed God’s light on the holy scriptures.

Most people do not understand how the Bible fits together—even people of faith. Too many Christians accept half an inheritance in that they are content to embrace merely the New Testament. On the flip side, Jews often experience this by embracing only the Old Testament. But God has an intricate plan and purpose for both.

In Mysteries of the Messiah, Rabbi Jason Sobel, raised in a Jewish home in New Jersey but now a follower of Yeshua, pulls back the curtain to show the many connections in Scripture hidden in plain sight. Known for his emphatic declaration “but there’s more!” he guides readers from the story of creation through Revelation to see the passion and purpose of the Messiah, the Torah, and several of the patriarchs and prophet

Check out the book trailer here.

Get your copy here.

Connecting the Old Testament with the New Testament, Rabbi Jason Soebel does an incredible job bringing the Bible to life. As the wife of a preacher, I always enjoy discovering the connections between the Old and New Testament. Written in a manner that is straight-forward, I enjoyed diving in the words this author shared.

I find the fact a rabbi wrote this book to make the thoughts and ideas more meaningful. If you wish to read and explore a book that delves into how the pieces of the Bible connect together, check out this book for yourself.

I received a complimentary copy of this book, but it in no way influenced my review. All opinions are my own.


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Emily Lex Watercolor Package and Classes – A Review and Giveaway

I have always enjoyed looking at watercolor pictures. Reviewing Emily Lex Watercolor Package and Classes thrilled me. This incredible package includes physical components and online courses. The physical products including watercolor notebooks for adults and kids for both animals and flowers, truth for today cards for adults and kids, along with a brass holder. The online classes included Simplified Watercolor, Watercolor for Kids, and Simplified Penmanship.

Wife and mother to four Emily Lex follows Jesus, makes chocolate chip cookies, and is a ballerina wannabe. She is a book writer and watercolor artist.

Emily Lex discovered God’s plan for her life included being an artist. Her enthusiasm for teaching art comes through clearly in her videos for the online classes.

Emily Lex states on her site, “It’s using our gifts and talents and passions to love and serve, each of us in our own creative way.” As someone who loves the idea of creating, but lacks some of the knowledge, I found her videos to be easy to follow and contains information about the supplies needed and the techniques to use.

i appreciated how she explained exactly what products to select along with the reason behind those decisions. I also appreciated how she had separate products and classes for adults and children. I wish I had access to these products and online classes when our children were younger. She provides such wonderful explanations and directions in the videos.

I love the idea of being parents or grandparents working together on watercolor projects with their children/grandchildren. The Truth for Today cards contain a passage of Scripture along with a beautiful watercolor. There are separate sets for both adults and children. Display the cards in the holder to brighten up your room.

Check out Emily Lex and her wonderful watercolor products and courses for yourself. I received a complimentary copy of this book, but it in no way influenced my review. All opinions are my own.

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Mount Hideaway Mysteries – A Review and Giveaway

Book Website: Click here.

Book Description:
In a small Virginia town outside a mysterious government facility, four homeschooled teenagers investigate a series of murders and other crimes while wrestling with challenges of faith, family, and the transition from childhood to adulthood.

A tragic explosion devastates the town of Steven’s Mill, Virginia. Was it an accident or was it part of a larger plot to take over the town and shut down the work going on at the secret command center?

This first book in the “Mount Hideaway Mysteries” series of books and movies sets the stage for all the action and adventure to come.

This series features gripping drama and entertainment from a faith-based perspective. Teens and adults in the stories wrestle with tragedy, danger, and relationships while they also pursue their relationships with God.

The books and movies in the Mount Hideaway Mysteries series include…
•    Strong, virtuous female characters
•    Encouraging portrayals of Christians and Homeschoolers
•    Parents who are intelligent and engaged with their children
•    Lots of action, adventure, and mystery!

You can get the first two chapters for free here.

You can enter to win your own copy of this book here.

As a homeschooling mother, I always enjoy finding new books and series for young adults to read, and Mount Hideaway Mysteries meets my expectations. Full of adventure, action, and suspense, these books will capture the attention of people of all ages. I find the characters interesting, and the storyline engaging. I appreciate the positive way the author portrays Christians and homeschoolers.

The storyline includes a strong female lead, excellent family relationships, along with action, grief, and more. This book probably suits young adults and teens on up best. So if you enjoy action-filled stories that contain a message of faith, check out this book for yourself. I received a complimentary copy of this book, but this in no way influenced my review. All opinions are my own.

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Verse Mapping Bible – A Review and Giveaway

Bible Description:

Verse mapping means getting real about studying the Bible. More than simply reading a verse or Scripture passage, verse mapping uses Bible study tools to research what you’ve read—to learn about what God is saying and how you can apply his Word to your life. The NIV Verse Mapping Bible includes 350 partially completed verse maps to get you started.

Go beyond just reading the Bible.

Verse mapping means getting real about studying the Bible. More than simply reading a verse or Scripture passage, verse mapping means using Bible study tools to research what you’ve just read in the Bible—to learn more about what God is saying to you and how you can apply his Word to your life today. 

In the NIV Verse Mapping Bible, author Kristy Cambron expands her verse mapping curriculum series to include verses from the entire Bible, showing you how to compare Bible translations, pick out meaningful words, and delve into the true meaning of each verse using starter verse maps and prompts. Verse mapping will help you study the historical context, transliteration, translation, connotation, and theological framework of a verse. This unique study technique includes exploring Hebrew and Greek word studies, finding connections in Scripture, comparing Bible translations, and learning as much as you can from your time in God’s Word. 

Verse mapping involves five steps:

  1. Choose: Select a verse and write it out.
  2. Compare: Record this verse in two or three other Bible translations and underline key words that are the same or different between translations.
  3. Research: Look up the Hebrew or Greek meaning for the underlined words and record it.
  4. Consider: Ask questions of the verse. Imagine what it would be like to have experienced what’s happening. Read the verses surrounding this verse and use other study tools to dig even deeper, if you prefer.
  5. Apply: What is God saying to you? How does this verse relate to your life today?

Several years ago, I discovered Verse Mapping, so when I had the opportunity to review this Bible, I had to take part. I typically prefer King James Version Bibles, New King James Version, or Amplified Bibles, but this Bible only comes in the NIV format. But I found that issue to be manageable. The

The Bible comes in a variety of covers, so you can pick the one that suits you best. I love how this Bible contains pages to guide you through the process of verse mapping. I appreciate how at the beginning of the Bible, instructions are provided for walking step by step through the process including the design of the verse, which allows you to compare different translations of the Bible, identifying and exploring keywords in the passage, the “actions” taking place, and the “outcome” from the passage.

I also appreciate the white margins provided around the Biblical verses to allow for notes to be recorded, such as presented below.

So if you enjoy Verse Mapping or would like to learn more about it, check out this Bible for yourself. I received a complimentary copy of this book, but this in no way influenced my review. All opinions are my own.

You can purchase your own copy here.

Click here or on the graphic below to enter the giveaway for your chance to win your own copy.

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The Anxiety Reset – A Review



The Anxiety Reset

A Life-Changing Approach to Overcoming Fear, Stress, Worry, Panic Attacks, OCD and More by Gregory L. Jantz Ph.D. and Keith Wall


Individualized solutions for conquering anxiety from acclaimed mental health expert Dr. Gregory Jantz.

If you or someone you love has lost hope of ever getting free from occasional, persistent, or overwhelming anxiety, take heart. The Anxiety Reset offers a fresh, personalized plan for overcoming the fears that are robbing you of joy and peace. In this compassionate guide, you will discover:

•            Your anxiety type and triggers

•            Common myths about anxiety

•            Hidden causes and catalysts of anxiety and what to do about them

•            The pros and cons of medication and possible alternatives

•            How to develop your optimism muscle

•            How to eat for better emotional health

•            How to get started on a personal anxiety reset plan


Combining the most up-to-date scientific research, real-life stories, and practical strategies, The Anxiety Reset empowers you to understand and overcome the fears that have been holding you back.

In today’s society lots of things cause anxiety. So the church and us as individuals need to address anxiety meaningfully. The author does exactly that in the book The Anxiety Reset. I found the idea of treating the whole person – meaning spiritual, mental, and physical to be a positive feature of this book. The author addresses the subject from a Christian perspective, which I appreciate as well. So check out this book for yourself.

Purchase your copy of this book here.

Click here or on the graphic below to win your own copy.

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The King James Study Bible from Thomas Nelson – A Review

Bible Description:

Standing apart from all other KJV study Bibles on the market, the King James Study Bible, Full Color Edition is the only Bible featuring extensive commentary, doctrinal notes, archaeological insights, and time-tested study aids developed exclusively for the King James Version. Now available with stunning full-color designs, Holy Land images, classic works of art, charts, and maps, the King James Study Bible, Full Color Edition guides you through the vivid beauty and authority of God’s Word as you grow in your biblical knowledge.

For over a quarter of a century, Thomas Nelson has earned the trust of millions with the best-selling King James Study Bible, offering the standard of conservative KJV scholarship. Our tradition and commitment to KJV study continues with the release of the King James Study Bible, Full Color Edition.

Features include:

  • Beautiful full-color throughout
  • Easy-to-read 10-pt type large print
  • 5,700 authoritative and study notes
  • Center-column references with translation notes
  • Hundreds of color maps and charts
  • Over 100 archaeological notes
  • Over 100 personality profiles
  • Over 200 notes on Christian doctrines
  • Easy-to-navigate topical indexes
  • Book introductions and outlines
  • Word-study concordance
  • Time-honored KJV Bible text

I freely admit I love to collect Bibles. I definitely prefer the King James Version of the Bible. so it thrilled me to review this full color study Bible. From the rich feel of the cover, to the tabs of the Bible to the center-column reference, I found everything about this Bible perfect. I appreciated the notations found at the bottom of the pages. The color illustrations also add to the features of this Bible.

I found the print easy to read and he concordance at the back of the Bible to be useful. The introductions and outlines found at the beginning of each book of the Bible included useful and practical information. For a number of years, I have loved having a study Bible to rely on and this Bible definitely fits that purpose.

So check out this Bible for yourself.

I received a complimentary copy of this book, but this in no way influenced my review. All opinions are my own.

Learn more and purchase the Bible here: 

Check out the Bible trailer here.

Click here or on the graphic above to enter the giveaway.

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Christian Journals Direct – A Frontgate Bloggers Review


If you are someone like me, nothing provides the excitement and expectations that a blank journal provides. However, I have to say I found my experience with Christian Journals Direct to be amazing. From the variety of covers available to have journals for women, men, and children, you will find something that suits your needs. The best part comes from the Scriptures found on the bottom of the company, personalizes them with the recipient’s name. So on the bottom of each page the Scriptures include my name.

Whether you are looking for a journal for yourself or a gift for someone special, visit Christian Journals Direct, and peruse the choices for yourself. From covers with Scripture passages to Patriotic covers to covers with trees and flowers, a large variety of options abound. Over three hundred cover choices are available, so take your time and consider your options carefully.

These journals provide the perfect place for:

  • Daily Devotional Time
  • Sermon notes
  • Grocery lists or to-do lists
  • Memorization
  • Scripture Memorization
  • Fitness goals and routines
  • and more

Visit Christian Journals Direct to find your perfect journal.

If you would like to win your own journal, click here or on the graphic below.

So check out Christian Journals Direct for yourself.

I received a complimentary copy of a journal of my choice, but this in no way affected my review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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Take Back Your Life – A Review


Take Back Your Life is a forty-day interactive journey designed to help you identify and then fight your internal battles. This journey allows you to take back your life. Everyone has mission to fulfill and God-ordained potential to affect the world, even when they do not recognize it. Life presents challenges, detours, and traps to keep us in hopeless and helpless loop consisting of anxiety and fear. With Biblical truth and perspective, this book contains a step-by-step journaling process designed to help you:

  • get out of your own way and allowing you to think right so you can live right
  • find purpose by discovering that God will do great things with your imperfect progress, and
  • learn that your pain is not an obstacle to being used by God but an opportunity to be used like never before.

More than a book, it provides an intimate tool of self-anaylsis that helps you identify what’s weighing you down or holding you back, which allows you to tackle it head on with God’s help.

Levi Lusko

Levi Lusko is the founder and lead pastor of Fresh Life Church, located in Montana, Wyoming, Oregon, and Utah. He is the bestselling author of Through the Eyes of a Lion, Swipe Right, and I Declare War. Levi also travels the world speaking about Jesus. He and his wife, Jennie, have one son, Lennox, and four daughters: Alivia, Daisy, Clover, and Lenya, who is in heaven.

You can purchase your copy of the book by clicking here.

Check out the resources for parents and children by clicking here.

Life cannot be perfect, and that means it may become a battle, but this book provides tips and ideas for creating a path to the life God meant for us. I love how each chapter includes insights, a Scripture reference, and a prayer along with journaling activities to help the reader focus on their own life experience.

The book contains 6 sections that include Look in the Mirror, Turn Off the Dark, Cross the Barbed Wire, Run Toward the Roar, Be the Difference, and Think Right, Live Right, I love the idea of getting up and show up. If we fail to get up, then we fail to accomplish our purpose.

You can click here or on the graphic below to enter to win a copy of Take Back Your Life.

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Butterfly Box – A Review


Life is busy, and it can be hard to find the time each day to connect with Christ. Butterfly Box is here to help! We thoughtfully curate a themed box each month to help reclaim those quiet moments with God, build your intimacy with Christ, and live out your faith in the world around you! 

  • Each month’s box is designed to illustrate a biblical theme and encourage spiritual growth.
  • 5 to 6 items such as jewelry, artwork, books, decor, personal pampering items, faith sharing cards and other specialty items
  • All items are carefully chosen and undergo a rigorous selection process
  • Products are faith-based or support small Christian businesses.

I have to say I love receiving mail that contains meaning and purpose. So it thrilled me to receive this box. When I opened it. I found two different types of tea drops – one contained peppermint and the other contained vanilla. You place the drops into boiling water and let them dissolve for a wonderful beverage. A Weekly prayer guide appeared next. The next item was a butterfly necklace. A journal with the words “Be still & Know” on the front along with a copy of Stormie Omartian appeared.

I love the obvious thought and care that created this box. I also appreciate the aesthetics of having everything be color-coordinated. As I pulled each piece from the box, I definitely found myself glad I had been able to participate in this review.

I would definitely consider ordering these boxes as gifts for family members.

Here are some images of other boxes:

You can use the following code to receive 10% off your purchase: WELCOME10

Click here or on the banner below to enter for your chance to win 6 months of Butterfly Box..

So check out Butterfly Box for yourself.

I received this box through Frontgate Bloggers, but all opinions are my own.