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Review of the High School STEM Innovator Pack from Pitsco Education


Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

If you are looking for a homeschool STEM project, you’ll want to check out the High School STEM Innovator Pack from Pitsco Education. This pack is designed for grades Grades 9-12.  The kit comes with all the necessary materials and printed instructions for five kits your student can create.  The instructions are designed for the student and limited involvement from the parents are to be expected.  According to their website, “Our scalable resources enable students to practice the future-ready skills they’ll need no matter their path after school – all while integrating STEM disciplines in real-life, practical scenarios.”


This kit contains supplies for making catapult, a Trebuchets, a Kite kit and a solar car. Perhaps if her oldest brother still lived at home and she could have made these projects with him, she would have been more interested.  I have to say these projects are perfect for those with patience for doing sometimes tedious work or work that requires hand strength.  Hand strength is something my daughter and I do not have.  In addition to the supplies to make the items, pamphlets are included to provide additional instructions, information, and activities for the students to complete.


I also must admit we had to look up the definition of a “trebuchets”.  From the picture, I could tell it was some kind of catapult, but I was not sure exactly what it was used for. When we did a Google search, here is what we discovered.  A Trebuchet is a type of catapult utilizes a long arm to throw a projectile. It was commonly used as a weapon until gunpowder came to be.  When we tried making this project, again a lack of hand strength coupled with the thin string we were supposed to use prevented us from completing this project.  The goal is for her father to help her with this later this week.

As I said before this kit would have been perfect for our oldest son when he was in high school.  he would have taken the kit and gone off and built everything in it.  However, my daughter was not so inclined.


However, I must say from our family’s experience, our daughter required assistance from her father.  I wish I could say she loved this product, but I can not.  When building the solar car, her dad had to basically build the car because he had the strength to put pieces together that she and I were unable to do. Here are some pictures while making the car.


My husband enjoyed building the car for the most part and was excited to see it run.  He appreciated how the instructions could be downloaded if the instructions became lost or damaged.  We also appreciated how all of the kits came in one box that allowed everything to be kept together until we were ready to use it.

Here is a video of the car going on our driveway.


You can find Pitsco Education on Social Media at the following links:


You can enter here for your chance to win your own High School STEM Innovator Pack

So if you are looking for hands-on learning opportunities check out Pitsco Education and their homeschool STEM projects for your family.

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