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Spelling Shed & Math Shed – A Review

Spelling Shed & Math Shed -Review




Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

If you like to add digital learning to change up your homeschool, let me tell you about Math Shed and Spelling Shed.  For this review, we received a 12-month subscription to both Spelling Shed and Math Shed.  Both programs are designed to be used online and provide learning while having fun.  This review is strictly from an informational standpoint of me, the teacher in our home.

These programs are aimed at students in elementary school.  Both programs include a Teacher Hub, the ability to create individual student logins, tracking, and more.

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Spelling Shed provides activities on different levels and different difficulty standpoints.  As the person reviewing this product, I was able to access the games from the Teacher Hub.  Families also have the ability to pick what stage a child is in and what level of difficulty the child needs.  So for example, you could have a child in Stage 3 doing an easy level of difficulty.  Or you could have a student in Stage 1 working on the extreme level of difficulty.

Spelling Shed

The Spelling Lists for each stage are meant to correspond with the grade they are in school.  so for example, Stage 3 would be for second grade.  But the wonderful thing about this program is families can adapt it to their needs.  For example, when our children were younger I had some that had a hard time with spelling.  Because this program does not use actual grades on the screens the students see, I could set my child up for the level they would be successful at without being concerned about them feeling bad about their abilities.

Weekly objectives, word lists, learning activity sheets, and practice activity sheets are all included. Phonics also helps students learn sound recognition while the stages help students learn to read words on sight. I also appreciate how teachers have the ability to create custom lists as well.  In addition to the normal spelling lists, bonus games are also included which include the Bee Keeper game in which students try to save the bees by spelling words correctly – think Hangman, as well trying to spell a missing word.

Spelling Shed provides an excellent way of combining vocabulary and spelling together.

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Math Shed includes practice in addition and subtraction, Number Bonds, Times Tables, Powers of 10, and more.  Once again, families can select from various choices for different activities.  As a former math teacher, I love how the same question may be asked in several different formats to help ensure students actually know the math facts. Students even have the opportunity to work with negative numbers.

With both of these programs, one of the features I love the most is how instant feedback is given in most situations.  This feature allows parents and students to see what areas may need additional practice.

Math Shed

I feel these programs would be best suited for students who enjoy colorful scenes, computer games, or those with good motor skills.  Of course, having a good Internet connection is also a necessity.

Because apps are available, I feel Math Shed and Spelling Shed would be excellent for families on the go.

You can find Ed Shed on Social Media at the following links:

So if your family is looking to add digital learning to change up your homeschool, check out  Math Shed and Spelling Shed for yourself.

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