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ARTistic Pursuits High School 9-12 Book One The Elements of Art and Composition – A Review

ARTistic Pursuits High School 9 -12 Book One - The Elements


Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

ARTistic Pursuits, High School 9-12 Book One, The Elements of Art and Composition from  Artistic Pursuits Inc. makes art instruction easy for this mama!  Many years ago when we were first starting our homeschooling journey, we attended the homeschooling convention in North Carolina.  It was our first convention, and one of the companies that made a huge impression on our family was Artistics Pursuit Inc.  These people were so friendly and so willing to talk to us.  As someone who considers herself to be artistically challenged, I was thrilled to find  this company.  The homeschool art lessons from this company make my life easy.

Over the next several years, we spent time getting to know the people behind this curriculum.  It quickly became my go-to products for art instruction.  This book is the first book in a series of two and provides a detailed look at the elements of art and composition using text that is designed to engage while allowing them to produce original drawings using graded pencils and charcoal.

Sample Pages

At the high school level, students can work independently and with no prior artistic knowledge.  Students are encouraged to view their world as a professional artist does.  The book covers topics including space, lines, texture, shapes, form, value, contrast and unity, composition, balance and more   This book contains 68 lessons on 92 pages with 186 illustrations and is designed for those students who are 14-years-old and up.

One of my favorite things about this book is how the art supplies for the entire year are listed at the beginning of the book. I loved how easy this makes to acquire the items we will need to complete the assignments.  More importantly, I love how the book includes helpful information for parents including things relating to building a visual vocabulary, Art Appreciation and Art History, Techniques, and Application.  The course is designed so students complete 2 lessons per week spending about one hour per class.  Also, it is designed for 36 weeks of instruction.  However, this can be adjusted to fit your family’s needs.

More Pages

As I stated earlier, I am the one who is not artistically gifted in the family while our children are talented artistically.  So I will be frank, I bought this book more for me than for our children.  However, the wonderful thing about this curriculum is that it is suitable for both novices as well as more experienced art students.

The lessons are clearly laid out with the actual physical assignments printed in red so they are easy to see on the pages. Having a daughter who spends a lot of time drawing and especially drawing on the computer, I know it is important to be able to block out parts so you can clearly concentrate on other parts easier.  Combing illustrations, art work, and text, the book provides an easy to follow pattern for the lessons.  We found the assignments to be easy to follow and to understand what was expected from the student.

In addition to the typical thing found in art lessons, this book also contains tips as well as reminders to make sure the student is paying attention to details.  One assignment we have not gotten to yet, that I am excited for our daughter to complete is making a light box,   With a description of how to make the box as well as showing pictures of what it should look like, this lesson will provide a very useful addition for our daughter as she completes her artwork.


Here is an assignment I completed.

A Completed Assignment


You can find Artistic Pursuits Inc. on social media on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at the following links.


Free video lessons for beginning drawing students can be found here.   This 16 week summer series is featured each summer.

Online courses are also available here for all of the K-3 level books.

So if you are looking for homeschool art lessons for any ages from elementary through high school or are looking for homeschool art projects to stimulate your children’s creativity, check out Artistic Pursuits Inc. and the ARTistic Pursuits, High School 9-12 Book One, The Elements of Art and Composition.

Other members of the Home School Review Crew are sharing their thoughts on the various levels from Artistic Pursuits Inc.  this week.  Click here or on the graphic below to read additional reviews.


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I am a wife and homeschooling mother of 4. I am a Christian who firmly believes that Jesus Christ died for my sins. We are a military family who just relocated from Pennsylvania to Texas. I enjoy Bible journaling, reading, crocheting, scrapbooking and quilting. I am beginning to attempt art journaling.

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  1. We reviewed “The Way They SEE it – Preschool” and absolutely loved it. I’m glad to read your great experience with a higher level.


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