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Fourth Form Latin Complete Set from Memoria Press – A Review



Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.


If you prefer a classical education in your homeschool then the Fourth Form Latin Complete Set from Memoria Press is a must-have!  Basically since we began homeschooling many years ago, Memoria Press has been one of my favorite companies, especially for their Latin programs.  When we first began our homeschooling journey, we started with Prima Latina.  Now that I only have students in high school, I felt Fourth Form Latin would be a good fit for our family.

The Fourth Form Latin Complete Set includes Fourth Form Latin Student Text, Fourth Form Latin Student Workbook, Fourth Form Latin Quizzes & Tests, Fourth Form Latin Teacher Manual, Fourth Form Latin Teacher Key (for Workbook, Quizzes, & Tests), Fourth Form Latin Instructional DVDs, Fourth Form Latin Pronunciation CD, Fourth Form Latin Flashcards, Henle Latin I Text, Henle Latin Grammar, and the Henle Latin I Answer key.

The Fourth Form Latin completes the study of Latin Grammar by finishing all of the verb forms for all four conjugations and studies participles, infinitives, gerunds, and more.  Separate lesson plans are available for purchase if you prefer to have everything laid out in that format.

Five units make up the course and include using all of the materials.  I love how everything is provided so I do not really have to do anything beyond ordering the materials and opening the box.  

Fourth Form Latin Complete Set - A Review The Teacher Manual

The Teacher Manual spells out everything that needs to be done in order to learn Latin at home.  It is easy to follow and contains the actual student pages so you can see what the student is looking at as well.  I also appreciate how at the beginning of the manual suggestions are given Latin saying, vocabulary, Grammar/Syntax, using the workbook, final oral drills, and quizzes.  Step by step instructions are provided for what should be down and said for each lesson.

Fourth Form. Latin Complete Set - A Review

The Student text contains the lesson material.  It is easy to follow along with and to understand.  Our family appreciates how there are no distractions or other things on the pages.  It contains vocabulary lists, word studies, new grammar, Latin sayings, and more in a clear and concise manner.

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The Student Workbook is where most of the time is spent each day.  The lessons are broken down into sections. Each Unit is broken down into Lessons that are then broken down by Worksheets such as Worksheet 1, Worksheet 2, and so forth.  You have the option to set up these worksheets in the way that suits your family best.  The worksheets include written exercises in word study, grammar, sayings, vocabulary and more.  Unit Reviews are also provided to help keep the student on track.

Fourth Form Latin Complete Set - A Review-2

The DVDs provide invaluable instruction for the students.  The videos are of high quality, easy to understand, and easy to follow.  Our family really enjoyed watching them.

Fourth Form Latin Complete Set - A Review Quizzes and Test Booklet

The Quizzes & Tests Booklet includes Quizzes for each lesson as well as tests for each unit.  Our family elects to do the quiz on the last day of the lesson. while allotting a separate day for the unit tests.  We found the tests and quizzes directly corresponded to what was being taught in the lessons.

Fourth Form Latin Complete Set - A Review

The Teacher Key includes the answers for the Workbook, Quizzes, & Tests.  My one complaint about this program is this book.  The layout is not necessarily friendly to anyone who has vision problems.  The layout of primarily having two pages per sheet and the color combination used make it very hard to read.  Frequently, I had to take pictures of pages with my iPad so I could make it large enough to read.  However, I love how all the answers are contained in one book.  

Fourth Form Latin Complete Set - A Review

The Henle books are designed to provide grammar and translation assistance.  I appreciated having an answer key for these books.  

The Pronunciation CD and the flashcards are a way of reinforcing what has been learned and what is currently being learned.

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If you wish to pursue a classical education in your homeschool, then the Fourth Form Latin Complete Set from Memoria Press is a must-have!  

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Review and Giveaway for Avalanche

About the Book

Book:  Avalanche

Author: M. Liz Boyle

Genre:  Christian YA

Release Date: September 27, 2019

Updated CoverWhen fifteen-year-old Marlee Stanley joins her two sisters and the sons of their family friends on a secretive hike in the middle of the night, she is thrilled and nervous. Battling her conscience, she prays that the hike will go flawlessly and that they will return to the safety of their campsite before their parents wake. The start of the hike is beautiful and wonderfully memorable.

In a white flash so fast that Marlee can barely comprehend what has happened, an avalanche crashes into their path. Buried in packed snow, Marlee is forced to remember survival tips learned from her dad and her own research.

This group of friends, ages eleven through seventeen, is about to endure bigger challenges than many adults have experienced. Digging out of the packed snow is only the first of many challenges. Injuries, cold, hunger, fatigue, aggressive wildlife and tensions in the group make this a much bigger adventure than they ever imagined. As the kids strive to exhibit Christian values throughout the trials, they learn numerous life lessons. But they are nearly out of food, and their energy is waning quickly. How will they ever reach help?

Click here for your copy!

My Thoughts

As a homeschooling mother I am always looking for new books for my teenagers to read, so I knew I wanted to read this book. I am glad to say, I loved it. In the book five young people ranging from 11 to 17 and comprised of three sisters and two brothers go on a late-night hike to see a ridge their fathers who used to be backpacking guides, talked about as long as they can remember.

Sneaking out in the mountains can be a dangerous thing, and they find out just how hard when they get caught in an avalanche. I love how they manage to all work together to work towards getting help. The youngest sister has a severe leg injury. The middle sister has an injury as well. The oldest brother has an injury. Plus, they have no real provisions for staying out in the cold, snowy climate overnight. But they work together as a team (even though they sometimes do not like what the others are saying.

My favorite part of the whole book comes when their fathers tell them if they had only asked the dads, the fathers would have been glad to go with them on the journey. The young people’s faith in God and their constant focus on praying made this book one I could not put down.

After reading the epilogue, I have to say I hope there are more books to come telling the story of these two families.

So check out this book for yourself.


About the Author

Liz is an author, the wife of a professional tree climber and the mom of three energetic and laundry-producing children. She received her Associate’s of Arts at the University of Sioux Falls, where she received the LAR Writing Award for her essay entitled, “My Real Life Mufasa.” Liz once spent a summer in Colorado teaching rock climbing, which she believes was a fantastic way to make money and memories. She resides with her family in Wisconsin, where they enjoy hiking and rock climbing. Liz and her husband have also backpacked in Colorado and the Grand Canyon, which have provided inspiration for her writing. She likes making adventurous stories to encourage others to find adventures and expand their comfort zones (though admittedly, she still needs lots of practice expanding her own comfort zone). She has thoroughly enjoyed working on her first novel, Avalanche, and the sequel Chased, which will release in the summer of 2020.


More from Liz

Have you ever been tempted to take a risk even though your conscience was screaming at you? Were you able to justify the pursuit of the thrill, actually convincing yourself that what you knew to be the unwise decision made perfect sense?

I did. So did my sisters. And so did Sawyer and Marshall Miles. When Sawyer first proposed the idea of the moonlit summit on our families’ annual backpacking trip, I was terrified. But I was also hooked. Sawyer convinced us that we would be fine, and we would be back to camp before our parents woke up with the sunrise.

Hearts racing and hands trembling, we five kids snuck away from camp in the middle of the night. Hiking toward the peak, the full moon was breathtaking, the wildlife abundant, and the experience unreal.

It became a whole lot more unreal when an avalanche, roaring, white and enormous, thundered into our path. Buried in the packed snow, I would have given anything to go back in time and change my decision to go along with this foolish idea.

Digging out of the cemented snow was the first of many challenges in the coming days. Physically, emotionally and spiritually, we were all pushed to our limits.

I had always loved hiking Colorado’s peaks. But, of course, I had never had to evacuate my own sister. I had always trusted Dad’s orienteering. Now I had to trust Sawyer, who, by the way, was the brain behind this dilemma. I usually slept best while backpacking. But, mountain nights are warmer when spent in a sleeping bag. But I can’t let my mind go there. I must keep a positive outlook and trust God to bring us to safety. That’s easier said than done.

Avalanche is a Christian teen and young adult novel. This engaging journey, told by fifteen-year-old Marlee Stanley, captures a timeless sense of adventure. The five young adults strive to exhibit godly character throughout their escapade, but they have not been in such a dire situation before. It will take immense strength and cooperation to hike out of this mess.

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