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Math Refreshers for Adults from Math Essentials – A Review

Math Refresher for Adults from Math Essentials - A Review




Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.


If you need to brush up on your Math skills, I recommend checking out Math Refresher for Adults from Math Essentials. Our second son is 21-years-old, and when he graduated from high school, he was not certain of what he wanted to do for a career.  Since we knew we would be moving again, he decided to take some time deciding what he wanted to do.  Now we have moved and he has decided he wants to get a culinary degree.  So when we had the opportunity to review the Math Refresher for Adults book, I knew it would be perfect for our son to get some practice on his math skills.

Perhaps because I was a high school math teacher in the past, I can appreciate Rick Fisher’s desire to develop unique math materials that allow students to achieve success. As a public school teacher for over 31 years, Rick Fisher has the ability and experience to achieve this objective.

Table of Contents Pages

Math Refresher for Adults provides the perfect platform for those who may have a math phobia, those who want to help their children with their homework, for those returning to college, for those applying for a job that requires passing a math competency test, those preparing for the GED, SAT or other standardized tests and more.

This book includes basic math, geometry, problem-solving, Pre-Algebra and Algebra, A Math Resource section, access to free video tutorials for each topic, and more.  Our son who is using this book has strived for getting perfect scores for each lesson.  So he goes through a lesson, checks his answers, and then goes back through those questions he had problems with until he gets them right.  Sometimes that means he just needs to rework the problem while other times he has to work backward from the answer to see what he did wrong.

Completed Pages

Our son is working straight through the book, however, it can be used in whatever manner suits the student.  For example, if a student only needs to brush up on certain skills or topics they can jump directly to that topic.

So far he has done about 40 pages in the workbook, including some tests.  He is pleased with his progress so far.  He seems to believe he is demonstrating how much difference a few years has made in his ability to understand and complete math sheets now versus several years ago.  I believe part of this rests on the fact he is self-motivated to complete the work.  Plus, he has set the standards he wants to achieve himself.

Here are some pages our son has completed:

More Comp;leted Pages

As someone who loves math, I appreciate the books from Math Essentials because I have children who do not share my passion for math.  Math Essentials provides materials that allow my children to achieve success in math.

In 2018, our family reviewed this same book, and you can read that review here. And in  August of 2017, our family reviewed another product by Math Essentials called No-Nonsense Algebra, you can check out our review by clicking here.  I hope you will check out Math Essentials and the products they offer for yourself.  You can find Math Essentials on social media on Facebook.  So whether you are looking to brush up on math skills, need assistance with general math, or need help with Algebra, check out Math Essentials for your homeschool math requirements.

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