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Review and Giveaway for “When your Voice Became Mine”

About the Book

Book: When Your Voice Became Mine

Author: Celeste N. Bowers

Genre: Non-Fiction

Release Date: November 2019

For all those who have lost hope and purpose, and for all those who hurt deep inside from loss, author Celeste Bowers wishes she could spare you from pain, just as she hoped she could shield her own ten-year-old daughter, Christina, from the storms.

Although she can’t protect you from life’s tragedies, Celeste can tell you this—and she is proof of this—no matter how hard you fall or how much you ache, God will lift you up with new purpose. He will carry you out of the weeping waves and safely to shore.

Celeste has been sending “packages” to heaven since her daughter passed away on May 29, 2005. What she never fathomed were the gifts sent back to deeply define her.

In a moment, Christina’s voice became hers. In that same moment, she knew “there is a mailbox in heaven.”


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When I saw the opportunity to review this book, I knew I wanted to read.  But I had no idea of how profound an effect it would have on me.  From the time I began reading until the time I reached the end of the book, tears filled my eyes.  As the mother of four, I can not begin to fathom having a child pass into Heaven before me.  Yet at the same time, if I knew my child could demonstrate the faith, courage, and compassion of Christina, I know God would provide the strength and the people to walk beside me during the darkest of days.

The number of people Christina, Teddy (her brother), and parents touched through her walk with cancer is incredible.  From the time she was born until the time she crossed over into Jesus’ arms, Christina and her family served God and witnessed for HIm.  I caution you not to read this book without having a box of kleenex nearby.

From family to classmates, to friends to hospital staff and more, Christina’s life and journey with cancer touched so many lives.  Lives are still being touched today through books and through the lives she touched.  Truly the quote Christina said of, “It’s not about me.  It’s about Christ working through me.” speaks volumes. These words have the power to comfort, to empower, to give courage, and more. Truly this is a book with a message that needs to be read and then shared.

I can not recommend this book strongly enough.

I received a copy of this book for my fair and honest review.

About the Author

Celeste Bowers has been blessed with gifts of writing, teaching, coaching, making people laugh, and being a mom. These gifts held crucial roles when her daughter, Christina, was diagnosed with cancer. Every gift Celeste received from God is tied together in her words. Packages bundled in love and filled with life lessons are sent to heaven in her first book, If There’s a Mailbox in Heaven. Christina’s testimony and Celeste’s newfound purpose are now joined together in When Your Voice Became Mine.


More from Celeste

Time is such a fragile commodity. When someone we love passes away,

we want the whole world to stop moving and acknowledge what truly

matters at that moment—but we also want time to fly so we don’t have

to endure another day without our loved ones. What helped me move

gently through time was nothing that came about by my own means. Instead, I have trusted God wholeheartedly to navigate my path.


Time does not exist in heaven. Since heaven is our real home, I

will not allow time to consume me here on earth; instead, I choose

to use my precious time wisely. I have been sending “packages” to heaven—letters that I write

to my ten-year-old daughter Christina—since she passed away on May 29, 2005. Each one is

tied with my hopes, wishes, and newfound purpose. What I never

fathomed were the gifts from above that would be sent back to me.

In a moment, Christina’s voice became mine. In that same moment,

I knew there is a mailbox in heaven.

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