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Easy Grammar Ultimate Series: Grade 11 with Easy Grammar Ultimate Series: Grade 11 Test Booklet – A Review



A solid foundation in grammar is important for strong writing later so I was happy to receive Easy Grammar Ultimate Series:  Grade 11 with Easy Grammar Ultimate Series:  Grade 11 Test Booklet from Easy Grammar Systems to use with my daughter.  For a number of years, our family has utilized products from Easy Grammar, and those products never fail to disappoint me.  For this review, we received a physical copy of the Grade 11 Textbook and Test book.

Easy Grammar Systems’ creator, Dr. Wanda Phillips, developed a system for teaching grammar that does not take a lot of time or effort on either the Teacher’s part of the Student’s part.  According to the Easy Grammar Systems’ website, “During Mrs. Phillips’s teaching career, she developed a successful, innovative approach to grammar instruction. Her first textbook, Easy Grammar, was published in 1985. Since then, she has written an Easy Grammar series, a Daily Grams: Guided Review Aiding Mastery Skills series, and a writing text, Easy Writing.”  Our family has used several of these products over the years.


Grammar is one of those subjects everyone needs to know and understand regardless of their plans for life.  So I wanted something to provide a strong foundation for our children.  However, I also wanted something which could be completed relatively quickly, be graded rather painlessly, and not require a lot of time or energy on our family’s part.  Easy Grammar Systems provided exactly that solution with Easy Grammar Ultimate Series:  Grade 11 with Easy Grammar Ultimate Series:  Grade 11 Test Booklet

I love how quickly my children have been able to complete their lessons and how much they learn and retain from those products.  So having used products from Easy Grammar, I can honestly say, “That was easy!” about getting my sons to complete their assignments in the past as well as my daughter currently.


For this review period, my goal was for our 16-year-old daughter to complete four lessons a week.  Our daughter found the assignments straight-forward and easy to complete.  In the Textbook, the lessons are broken down by day and contain capitalization, punctuation, combing sentences, types of sentences, and more.  Our family appreciates how the book repeats topics but does not beat any one topic to death.  The author has done an excellent job of mixing the assignments up to help alleviate boredom.

I also appreciate how at the beginning of the Textbook there is a scope and sequence which lists what lessons each topic is covered in along with when the topic is introduced and reviewed.  The textbook contains 180 lessons along with the 18 assessments found in the test booklet.


The Test Booklet has 18 different assessments along with the answers.  My one caution with the textbook is to make copies of the assessments since the answer key for each assessment is on the opposing page. Or, be sure to provide something to cover the answers while testing.  After every 10th lesson, there is an assessment so you and your student can track his or her progress.

Since we homeschool year round I have elected to have our daughter complete the assessments on a separate day from the lessons.  However, if I was trying to fit everything into 180 days I would have our daughter complete the assessment on the day after she completed that section.  For example, the first section is lessons 1-10 – meaning after 10 days.  So on day 11, she would take the assessment and do Lesson 11 as well.  But in the past, I have found with our sons, our system works well for taking the assessment on a day by itself.

You can find Easy Grammar Systems on social media on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

As in the past, I still find our family enjoys the products from Easy Grammar Systems, including Easy Grammar Ultimate Series:  Grade 11 with Easy Grammar Ultimate Series:  Grade 11 Test Booklet.  so if you are looking for a grammar curriculum for your homeschool language arts program, check out Easy Grammar Systems for yourself.

Other members of the Home School Review Crew are reviewing this product as well as other products from Easy Grammar Systems this week including Easy Grammar:  Grade 1, Easy Grammar Plus, along with a few other products, so click here or on the graphic below to read other reviews.


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