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Review of CTCMath’s Full Math Curriculum


My daughter and son love the math lessons in CTCMath‘s full math curriculum and I love that she access to all grade levels with the Family Membership.  CTCMath has been a wonderful blessing to our family.  With a daughter who does not love math and a son who does fairly well with math, I love how I can select what classes and level of achievement I expect for each of our teenagers.

We first reviewed CTCMath in October of 2017.  You can click here to read that review.  CTCMath provides educational opportunities for children in kindergarten through grade 12.  CTCMath, an Australian-based company, provides lessons at the high school level that are essentially self-directed.  As the parent/teacher, I have the ability to determine the minimum acceptable grades for our children while also having the freedom to allow our son or daughter to repeat lessons they need to with just a click on the screen.

Since our first encounter with CTCMath, several changes have been made.  One of the changes involves an online User Guide that allows parents to watch a variety of helpful videos regarding the program and how things work.  From everything like getting started to adding students to adding tasks, parents can quickly select a video to watch in order to concentrate on what they need to know. Because we were already familiar with the program and I have high school students, I have not really needed this section.  However, I can say I wish it had been around when we first began using the site.

Another new feature is the Question Bank.  This feature allows parents to create customized worksheets.  You can control both the difficulty level and the number of questions.  I love having this feature for our daughter since math is not her favorite or strongest subject.  When she starts back with math this fall, I plan on utilizing this customized question bank in order to reinforce her skills and ensure she is retaining the information.  I am confident this feature will help her feel more confident about what she is doing.

Because our son has been doing well with the questions as they are presented in the actual lessons, I have not used customizable Question Bank for him so far.  However, I will definitely use it if I feel he needs additional practice, is struggling, or needs more of a challenge.

For this review period, because it was summertime, our son was the main one to use the program.  He finds the lessons to be acceptable in length and in the number of problems he is expected to complete.  With our summertime schedule, I expected him to complete at least three lessons three days a week. However, with summertime, unexpected events occurred that did not necessarily permit that to happen every week. I have very satisfied with the knowledge he has obtained in Geometry and with what he is retaining. I look forward to him going through the Algebra II course in the fall.


I know one of my son’s favorite parts of this program is the Award Certificates given at the completion of a section. He loves downloading and then printing out his award certificates to keep for his records.  I love how we can quickly view what Gold, Silver, and Platinum awards he has received.

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So if you are looking for a full math curriculum for your family, check out  CTCMath‘s full math curriculum for yourself.  Our family has been very pleased with this curriculum, so check it out for yourself.

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