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5 Minute Friday – Distant

5 Minute Friday - Distant

Welcome to my post for the latest 5 Minute Friday writing prompt.  Today’s prompt is “Distant”.  Right now I feel distant and disconnected from many people and places.  We live in Texas far from our family and many of our friends.

In addition to feeling distant from family and friends, I feel distant from my feelings of when we first started our military journey.  At times it is hard to believe that fifteen years have passed since we first started our full-time military career (well my husband started his career and I have just walked beside him on the journey.

So much has changed since we began this journey.  We have lived in eastern North Carolina, to begin with, then moved to western Pennsylvania, then moved to central Pennsylvania and now currently live in Texas.

So what makes you feel distant or what comes to mind when you hear the word distant?

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