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Review of Britfield & The Lost Crown

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Tom has spent most of his life locked behind the cruel walls of Weatherly Orphanage, but when he learns that his parents might still be alive, Tom knows he must do what he can to find them. He can’t leave Weatherly without his best friend Sarah, so armed with a single clue to his past, the word Britfield, the two make a daring escape by commandeering a hot air balloon. Now they’re on the run from a famous Scotland Yard detective and what looks like half the police officers in England. Tom and Sarah’s journey takes them from Oxford University to Windsor Castle, through London, and finally to Canterbury. Along the way, they discover that Tom may be the true heir to the British throne, but even with the help of two brilliant professors, it looks like Tom and Sarah will be captured and sent back to the orphanage before they have a chance to solve Tom’s Royal mystery.


While this book is geared for youth, as an adult I found myself caught up in the story.  Imagine thinking you were an orphan all your life and then you find out your parents are possibly still alive.  This scenario is exactly what happens to Tom.  Growing up in a series of miserable orphanages with only one thought of eventually escaping, Tom finds himself forced to flee with his best friend Sarah.

Full of danger, mystery, intrigue, and adventure, this book was definitely worth reading.  My one complaint would be the fact that it ended and the sequel is not supposed to be out until the Fall of 2020.  However, that fact is not enough to make me regret reading it.

As the mother of three sons ages almost 23, 20, and 18 and a daughter who is 16, this book is one I believe they would love to read.  Tom and Sarah go on a dangerous adventure that includes London, a hot air balloon, a stop of Windsor Castle and more.  They meet people along the way who are willing to help them and assist them on their way.  I feel this is a wonderful young adult novel that is perfect for middle-grade children and up.

But do not let appearances deceive, some who appear to be friends may actually be enemies, and some who appear to be enemies may actually be trustworthy.  The interactions and care that Sarah and Tom show for each other makes this book incredible to read.

So if you have youth in your life, check out this book for them.  Or if you are young at heart and love to read, you should get this book for yourself.

To find out more about the book, visit this website.  This book releases on August 15, 2019.

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