Review of Victus Study Skills System


Today I am reviewing Level 3 (5/6-10/11), Level 4 and the Student Planner from Victus Study Skills System.  Regardless of what background a student comes from or what plans the student has for the future, all students and in fact, everyone needs to learn how to study effectively.  So I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review this program with our children.   After all, study skills remain a vital life skill regardless of someone’s age.  The consumable study skills workbook provide an excellent means of organization for the students.  They also offer a Student Planner.

According to their home page, “The Victus Study Skills System is a systems approach to study, not just isolated skills and individual components to be mastered, but rather a way of thinking about studying.”    The Victus Study Skills System has been created by a group of educators who have learned all students of all ages need to know in order to study effectively.  The Latin word “victus” means life and truly studying needs to be a way of life. The system is broken down into four levels.

  • Level 1 or Primary is for Kindergarten through grades 2/3
  • Level 2 or Elementary is for grades 2/3 to 4/5
  • Level 3 is for grades 5/6-10/11
  • Level 4 is for grades 10/11 – college

We received all four levels plus the planner for this review.  But, for the purpose of this review, I will be reviewing Levels 3 and 4.  There are three separate teacher supplements:  one for the Primary level, one for the elementary level and one that covers Level 3 and Level 4.  Obviously, the lessons for primary and elementary require more instruction from the teacher/parent and less work from the student.  However, even elementary students benefit from learning how to study properly. Here is a side by side comparison going from left to right of the Primary Teacher Supplement, the Elementary Teacher Supplement and the Teacher Supplement for levels 3 and 4.


One thing I really like about all of the Teacher Supplements is how the student pages are included so parents can see what the student needs to complete and also what the correct answers for the worksheets are (at least for the ones that have ones that have a definitive answer) and blank examples of the pages, such as for the Notetaking Section that require students to come up with their own answers.  The Teacher Supplement for Levels 3 and 4 contains more details since the students are required to know more and do more.


Whether a child who is in elementary school or a student in high school or college or even adults living and working in the so-called real world, studying retains a certain level of importance.  As our family began to embark on our journey with this system, I loved the methodical way everything was laid out.  All of the levels cover the same ten lessons but go into varying depths based on the student’s ages.  Because my daughter and son are in high school, I decided to let them work on the materials more independently.  If our children were either in primary or elementary grades, obviously more parental involvement would have been required.

I could have decided to have our two children work together in a group but felt it would be more advantageous for them to go through the material on their own and at their own pace.  Our daughter is currently in the 10th grade, so she worked in the Level 3 workbook and our son is borderline grades 11/12 was going to work in the college level workbook.  Lessons 1 and 2 concentrates on where the student is currently.  Lesson 3 addresses where the student wants to be.  Finally, lessons 4 through 10 addresses how to get there.  The course is designed to take ten hours to complete.  If we had done this as a group, I feel like it may have taken us longer than 10 hours to complete.

The lessons address such topics as determining current study habits, determining learning strengths, determining a mission and setting goals, time management, organization and study environment, PQRST, listening skills, note taking, test taking, and finishes with a review of all the material covered in the course.



As our 18-year-old son who is almost a senior began working in this workbook, he realized many things he already did, such as having a set place to study.  He knows he has to study in his bedroom at his desk with silence around him.  He had an idea of how to take notes but felt the notetaking section really helped to fill in the gaps.  Finally, he also appreciated the test section.  Through the years we have lived in different places with different requirements, so taking tests was something he had done.  But learning strategies to be more successful at test-taking he thought was helpful.  He knows where he wants to go in life and has fairly good plans for getting there, so the workbook helped reinforce those concepts.



For our 16-year-old daughter who is in between 9th and 10th grade, the level 3 workbook helped her recognize the importance of time management and some of the areas she needed to work on now.  Because she is the youngest of four, some things such as notetaking and test-taking cause her to feel anxiety, but the strategies presented in the workbook helped to give her a needed confidence boost.


Because our son already uses an online planner he uses and is comfortable with, I decided to use the planner with our daughter this week to see if it helped her focus and stay on task.  So far it seems to be working.  Rather than putting in the actual lesson (which I do on an online planner), I decided to just write down the subjects for her so that as she completes a lesson, she can simply fill in what she did that day.  Plus, if we miss a day, it will not require rewriting the entire planner.  So here is a sample of this week in the planner.


I wish the system had been available when we first started homeschooling because I believe that all students need to learn how to study effectively.  This course definitely fits that purpose.  The younger students are when they begin this program, the better their study skills will be when they are ready to go to college.  Also, if a student begins at the Primary Level they could complete the subsequent levels at the appropriate grade level to build on what they already know.

You can find Victus Study Skills System on social media on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.  So check out Victus Study Skills System for yourself.  If you would like to read reviews by other members of the Home School Review Crew including ones reviewing Levels 1 and 2, click here or on the graphic below.


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