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#write28days – Day 7

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Today is day 7 of my #write28days series of Homeschooling Helps, Hints and Resources.  Today’s post is going to be a relatively short but very important post.  Some days it is okay to throw your lesson plans out and just spend time with your children.  Our children, just like adults, once in a while need a day to just be.  For our family, living in the south for a good portion of their lives, means no snow days. And exceptionally hot weather during the summer discourages spending a lot of time outside.

So frequently when the weather would be perfect outside – meaning mild temperatures and sunshine, we would decide to just have a day off.  Other times, we would decide to simply put aside our normal school activities and either do a craft, other hands-on activity or even just read or watch a movie together.

So do not be afraid to just enjoy your children.  As the mother of a son who will turn twenty-three this year, I assure time passes all to quickly.  Your children are only young once.

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