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Thoughts for Tuesdays -October 2, 2018


So last week saw something things come into our home.  First, we had the pleasure of having Mr. Tom Rye and his wife of the Oklahoma Home School Band come to our home.  They drove to Texas to visit our Victoria Home School Band director, meet our director in person and also bring our family and another family some instruments.  Hands down, we definitely won the largest instrument contest because our oldest son acquired both an Upright bass and a full-size cello.  These two instruments are almost so big, they take up almost all of the space in the back of our 12-passenger van.

Then our youngest son acquired a bass clarinet along with a full-size viola.  The best part about getting the bass clarinet was the private instruction he received from Mr. Tom Rye in our home.  It really made our son’s weekend.  While deciding between the three violas we were offered, the decision ended up being fairly clear cut.  Our son is really pleased with that instrument as well.

Here is a picture of our son with the winning cello.


And because it is Tuesday, here are some pictures of tasty things we have eaten recently.  These include pork chops, a cake our oldest son made as a result of a challenge from work, and a meal my husband and I ate at Jason’s Deli.


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Review of Fool’s Notion by Lisa J. Flickinger


Fool's Notion Jamie (2)

Author Bio

 Author Pic (1)

Lisa J. Flickinger, author of historical novels Fool’s Notion, Ella, and All That Glitters, lives and writes from the cliff of a river along the majestic Rocky Mountains. When not writing or reading, you will find her scouring antique shops or sipping a maple latte with friends and family. To learn more about her visit or her Facebook author page Lisa J. Flickinger.


Book Blurb


1883 California Trail, Kansas

Missouri mules were the best. Alda grew to love the creatures working side by side with her pa on their farm along the banks of the Missouri River. He would be hopping mad when he realized his wife and daughter colluded behind his back to sell a pack string. It wouldn’t matter that they were trying to save the farm.

Alda struck out on her own to drive the team over fifteen hundred miles. By day three, her lead mule Bessie refused to take one more step. It was a good thing the handsome cowboy Cord stopped by to lend a hand or Alda might still be sitting in the dust.

Now, Alda needed the man to move on so she could continue her journey. Judging by the spark in Cord’s eye … it just might take some convincing.


Social Media:  You can find Lisa J Flickinger on Facebook here.


 You can purchase the book at this link.


Once in a while a book comes along that captures my imagination and this is one of those books.  While I have never personally dealt with mules, the author does a great job of painting a picture of what dealing with them must be like.  I could imagine how Alda must have felt going behind her father’s back with her mother’s assistance to sell a pack string to save their family farm. I found myself rooting for Alda to accomplish her goal.

The book was fast-paced and  did an excellent job of keeping my interest.  I could appreciate the struggles Alda and Cord had both with their physical journey to California as well as their spiritual journey. The cover of the book is amazing with the beautiful red-head in a period dress.  She perfectly depicts what I wanted Alda to look like.  This book is one that is truly worth reading.

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31 Scriptures of Love, Hope, Joy and Faith Day 2

31 Scriptures of Love, Hope, Joy and Faith1


Today I will be continuing my series on 31 Scriptures of Love, Hope, Joy and Faith.  Todays’ passage again comes from the King James Version of the Bible.  For today, I selected Hebrews 11:1.

31 Scriptures of Love, Hope, Joy and Faith1

For as long as my husband has been preaching, this has been one of his favorite passages to preach on (and that has been almost 26 years).   So what are some of your favorite passages of Scripture?

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