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As the mother of four children, ages 21, 19, 17 and 15 all of whom have been homeschooled for either most or part of their lives, I realize it is important to have resources on hand to fill in the gaps or take care of those times when life dictates a change from the normal routine.  Perhaps we have times where we are traveling more or are in the process of moving courtesy of the army reserves.  So easily accessible and printable resources come in handy.  Or lessons, worksheets, or tests that can be completed online also create a simple solution for homeschooling.  My daughter has been using some of the online lessons included in the Help Teaching Pro subscription from  From online lessons to worksheets to a test generator and more, this company has something for everyone.

My initial plan was to simply use this site to supplement the curriculum we were already using.  Also, I felt it would be a great fit for our 15-year-old daughter who was using the site to be able to select some things that interested her.  We did a few of the online lessons, some worksheets, and some tests.  The tests I had her complete online so that I would not have to worry about grading them.

I love the variety of materials offered.  From Creative Arts to Language Arts to History to Science to Life Skills and more there are quite a few selections to choose from for every age.  Because our youngest is 15, this review will concentrate solely on the High School activities.

We found the worksheet generator to be extremely useful.  I love that you have the option of selecting what questions you want to include.  So if there is a specific topic that needs to be practiced, you can just select questions that belong in that category.  There is also an option to create your own questions, which I find very useful.

Another feature I personally loved is the mid-year and final review worksheets that are available – especially for math.  This will allow me to see what areas our daughter needs to work on and what areas she has mastered.  Because we school year round, she will be taking the mid-year assessment in the next two weeks for Algebra.  Here is what the screen looks like where I selected the Mid-Year Review for Algebra.

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 9.48.34 AM

Because I am the type of person who likes working things out for myself, I appreciate having the ability to include student groups to invite my children to complete worksheets or tests I either select or create myself.  I also have the ability to add myself as a student so I can also complete the assignments prior to my children completing them so I can determine if they might need any additional instructions or information to help them successfully complete the assignments.

Personally, I prefer the online versions of the assignments because it reduces the amount of printing I have to do.  Some questions do require a parent/teacher to score them before the student gets their grades.

Here are some completed worksheets our daughter did.

Under the Worksheet Generator tab, parents have the ability to create bingo cards, Word Bingo cards or Word searches.  Parents have the ability to name their worksheets and determine what information to include.  So for the word searches, parents decide what words are being used so it would be very helpful to use these for spelling activities prior to taking tests or for times when Mom or Dad is involved with other children to keep the student engaged and occupied.

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