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Review of Homeschool Diploma’s Cap, Gown, Tassel and Diploma



Our oldest son is 21-years-old and I still remember the thrill of seeing him graduate from pre-school wearing his cap and gown.  Fast forward quite a few years and in 2015, I watched this same son graduate from homeschooling at our state homeschool convention.  Now we have reached the graduation milestone with our second son. I am so excited to share with you about our experience with Homeschool Diploma.  I was excited to be chosen to review the Cap, Gown, Tassel and Diploma from Homeschool Diploma. We went with the Standard Diploma, which satisfied my son, but I probably would have gone with one of the personalized and customized options if it had been my decision solely.  From high school graduation to eighth-grade graduation and even kindergarten graduation, Homeschool Diploma can meet your family’s needs.

Our son is not one who likes a lot of fuss and bother.  So when it came time to place our order, I think it is safe to say we had some differences of opinion.  However, I felt it was the right thing to allow him to say what type of diploma and cover he received.  After all, he will hopefully be holding on to this for a very long time.  The site made ordering a breeze other than resolving disagreements between my son and me about what we should order.

I loved all the options for the diploma.  We could have gone with a personalized option where I could have written a passage to be included on the diploma specific to our child and his accomplishments.  However, the Standard Diploma won out on Ivory parchment.    Next, we moved on to the covers. We had the option to choose between a blank cover, one of their pre-stamped diplomas or one which was personalized.  My son decided he wanted one of the pre-stamped diplomas so we went with the “Excellence in Home Education” cover with his name stamped on the front.  With many color options to choose from, our son selected the black cover.  We also ordered an archival copy of the diploma and a wallet-sized diploma that he can keep with him at all times.


Next, we had to decide on the color for his cap and gown.  Even though he had a variety of colors to choose from, our son wanted the black cap and gown.  They offer both a shiny finish called the “Tribute” or you have the option of a matte finish.  The gowns come in a variety of sizes to fit a variety of heights.  Because our son is over 6-feet tall, we had to order one of the tallest gowns.  Next, came the tassel which also is available in a variety of colors.  Our son went with gold which made me happy since my high school graduation tassel and gown were the exact same colors.  We went with a 2018 charm for the tassel.

The company offers the option of ordering honor cords, stoles, and medallions as well.  With the possibilities of ordering for kindergarten or eighth-grade graduations as well, this company has quite a bit to offer.  Also, you can order in bulk, so if you are part of an organization such as a co-op, everyone could order from the same place in order to guarantee that everyone matches.

Our package was shipped by priority mail and was shipped out really quickly in my opinion. It was delivered in a timely manner in a box that kept everything together.  Now, all we have to do is wait for May to get here so our son can participate in our church’s recognition of our graduates where he and several other students will be recognized at a graduation picnic.  We also plan on having some friends over for a more intimate graduation ceremony.

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So if you are looking for graduation items for kindergarten, eighth-grade, or high school, check out the Standard Diploma along with all the other options from Homeschool Diploma.  If you want to read other reviews from members of the Home School Review Crew, click here or on the graphic below.