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Review of Creation Illustrated’s Unit Studies




Creation Illustrated sent us two of their unit studies as well as gave us access to those magazines that go with those studies for us to review.  Science is one of those subjects that requires extra attention to selections for our 15-year-old daughter.  Typical textbooks fail to excite or inspire her.  So I am always on the look-out for products that bring out her desire to learn.  We looked forward to seeing how these unit studies would work for her.  We used these as a supplement to some other things we were already using for science.  We received the Snow Unit Study and the Pine Trees unit study along with two digital issues of Creation Illustrated, the Winter ’18 Digital Edition, and the Fall ’17 Edition.  The Winter ’18 Digital Edition provides the background material for the Snow Unit Study.  The Fall ’17 Digital Edition provides the background information for the Pine Trees unit study.

Creation Illustrated is a magazine that is published quarterly.  Our family originally discovered the magazine when we attended our first homeschool convention roughly 13-14 years ago. We loved the colorful and captivating nature of this magazine.  On their website under the “About Us” section, you can find their mission statement.  The first sentence reads, Our purpose is to share the wonders of God’s creation.”  I find they do an excellent job of fulfilling that mission.  Now they have moved into the realm of unit studies that go hand-in-hand with their magazines.


Our family focused on the Pine Trees unit study for this review.  We definitely were equally excited to get the Snow Unit Study as well.  Because these unit studies are designed for grades 5-8 and our daughter is in 9th grade, we used it primarily as a supplement.  The unit study includes a list of reading resources, a list of educational videos, vocabulary and spelling exercises, Bible study questions, geography, science, writing, penmanship, art and even puzzles.  Answer keys are provided for the teachers.


Students begin by reading a magazine selection from that corresponds to the subject being discussed.  So for our family read about Pine Trees.  The article was approximately five pages long and was very informative and interesting to read.  We loved the way Bible quotes were interspersed throughout the selection.  Our daughter was born in eastern North Carolina and lived there from her birth in 2004 until late 2008 when we moved to Pennsylvania.  Eastern North Carolina has a lot of pine trees.  So she was already familiar with the trees and the cones.  Although she has not had the opportunity to work on her art project yet, she is really looking forward to drawing her favorite pine tree, the cones, and its needles.  She will probably work on this as soon as she actually decides what her favorite pine tree actually is.  I think one of our favorite activities was the word search since we all enjoy doing them.


The other unit study is on snow, something else our family tends to enjoy.  Unfortunately, we have moved from Pennsylvania (where we got snow) to Texas where we do not get a lot of snow.  Once again this unit study includes activities for vocabulary, writing, Bible studies, art, science, geography and more.  I definitely plan on our daughter completing this study as well.

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So if you are looking for an interesting way to cover topics for science or a way to supplement your existing science program, check out Creation Illustrated‘s unit studies for Pine Trees and the Fall ’17 Digital Edition of Creation Illustrated as well as the Snow Unit Study along with the Winter’18 Digital Edition for yourself.  If you would like to read additional reviews by other members of the Home School Review Crew, click here or on the graphic below.