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Last Minute Christmas Gift Idea



This year, I discovered a remarkable company that sells amazing art products.  So I was thrilled when they reached out to our family to review their Magic Stix Washable Markers. These markers are incredible.  As soon as I opened the package, our 15-year-old daughter began to draw with them.

Here are some pictures of her drawing along with the finished product.


These markers have some amazing features.  First, they are odorless, so it makes them perfect to use on the go or in small spaces.  Second, they are washable, so this means you do not have to worry about them permanently staining anything.  Next, they are non-toxic, so they are safe to use around young children.

Another amazing feature is that they are guaranteed to not dry out with the cap off for 7 days.  If you are like me, that makes these incredibly useful.  I can not tell you the number of times, I went to use a marker, only to find it was dried out.  So you really need to check these out for yourself.  Here is a picture of our test.  I will be back to update you on how things go.  We are on Day 1 currently.


Also, these markers come in bright and bold colors.  Here is a quick drawing I did myself.


Now I am not the best artist in the world, but I found these markers great to use.  They come in either 12 or 24 packs.  They are available on  Click here for the 24-pack or click here for the 12 pack.

Check them out for yourself.  Let me know what you think.  I would love to hear from you. May you have a blessed Christmas.