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We all need more typing practice at our house, especially considering I have three high school students, a college-aged student plus a husband whose job demands a lot of typing on his computer daily.  So I definitely wanted our family to try The Typing Coach Online Typing Course created by The Typing Coach.  This is an online course which includes a one-year subscription.


Do you have family members who use the “hunt and peck” method or the two-finger method for typing.  If so, this course will be perfect for that individual.  This course is designed to help the user become not only efficient at typing, but also to master the skill of typing well. The student works at their own pace, using audio, visual and written instructions.  I loved that the program stressed typing without looking at the keyboard.  Instead, the students learn to master where the keys are which helps increase speed and accuracy.  The student completes lessons as well as assessments to practice and demonstrate how well they are mastering the lessons.

Another thing I love about this course is that the assessments are basically self-scoring.  All the parent/teacher only needs to monitor what the student has done and what score they received for the assignment.  The one assessment that requires the parent/teacher’s input is determining if the student has good posture or not.  This was a fairly easy thing to determine.


Students learn everything from sitting properly, meaning using good posture, to learning the home row of keys, to the bottom rows of keys,  and the top row of keys.  The course is self-paced and helps the students to learn how to type accurately without teaching a dependence of looking at the screen.


As in any family, we have certain children that I know will take on particular reviews more so than other family members.  So for this review, I decided to have our 16-year-old son complete the program.  The idea is to complete a lesson a week; however, we did not achieve that objective.  He basically did the course one day a week during the review period.  I would have to say he was fairly ambivalent about the program.

He understands the need for a typing course and felt fairly pleased with how the manner in which the course was taught.  He experienced some frustration when he made more than one mistake that he would be locked out for two days.  But once I explained that the course emphasizes accuracy and practice, he was fine with that issue.


I love how The Typing Coach Online Course offers options for those with younger children.  Even though, we do not have younger children, I know from my children’s own past experiences, the younger children are when they learn to type, the better they will do.  I also love how the parent/teacher can receive emails showing the student’s progress in the course.  All in all, I can honestly say this course is worth the money and I plan on the rest of our family taking the course eventually.  After all,  no matter what a person does in life today typing will be part of their lives – both at work, at home and to interact socially.   So students will benefit from this course.



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