Review for ArtAchieve Entire Level 1



Our 14-year-old daughter and 16-year-old son have been taking online drawing lessons along with me using the Entire Level I from ArtAchieve.  ArtAchieve believes that anyone can learn to draw.  I have to say I agree with their statement after trying it for myself.  I have to say we have all really been enjoying ourselves.  Their lessons are designed to ensure that students are successful.  Moreover, the company believes that drawing is a skill that must be learned and practiced.  ArtAchieve has allowed me to enjoy some quality time with my two children while expressing our creative sides.  We selected the Entire Level I because I have no real artistic experience, and I have to say I have been pleased with this program.

One of my favorite things about the site is how everything is laid out clearly, including the list of needed supplies, which can be found here.  Also, many lessons include three different options, ranging from Easy to Medium to  Advanced.  When the choice was given, I elected to do the Easy level, while my children elected to do the Advanced.  The lessons are available for purchase either individually or an entire level.  There is even an option to purchase the entire program, which includes five levels.  When purchasing either an entire level or the entire program, a discount is offered.  I really was impressed by the flexibility of how the lessons were available for purchase.  Students are encouraged to listen to music as they do the lessons in order to help focus their minds.  They offer the option to purchase music through a link on their site, or parents/teachers may elect to select their own music.  For our purposes, I decided to use our own classical music collection.

Many of our lessons were offered as either videos or powerpoint presentations for us to view.  While other lessons only had a powerpoint component.  Personally, I preferred the videos because they seemed more personal and interactive.  The videos were well done and easy to follow.  The instructions were clear and when necessary, we were prompted to pause our video if necessary to allow time to complete the project.  With both the powerpoints and videos, the steps to complete a project were clearly stated and demonstrated.

The very first lesson involved recognizing the use of lines, dots, angles and curves to create all kinds of things.  We were called on to find examples of these in the room we were completing the lessons.  My children enjoyed this.  Because I am dealing with teenagers rather than younger children, we skated over the section asking them to create lines, angles, and so forth with their body.  I believe this would be an incredible experience for a kinesthetic learner.  Here are pictures of our warm-up exercise for Lesson 1-1


With the exception of Lesson 1, which had four separate sections, all of the other lessons only included one section.  My daughter and I both really enjoyed the lesson involving the Chinese dragon.  Here are pictures of our warm-up exercises and our completed pictures of our dragons.
Another item I really liked about this program is the way it provides suggestions for cross-curricular connections.  So for the lesson on dragons, we could read about the history and geography of China for either History, Social Studies or Geography.  Or we could learn/study about Chinese architecture.  We could watch videos of performances of the dragon dance for drama. For science, we may create our own arch and discover why arches are stronger than normal door frames.  For language arts, we could create Chinese letters, watch the movie or read the book Tikki Tikki Tembo by Arlene Mosel or The Water Dragon: a Chinese Legend by Li Jian.  The fact that these cross-curricular connections are given makes creating complete lesson plans for all subjects around each art lesson much easier.

I thoroughly enjoyed and definitely recommend the Entire Level I of ArtAchieve.  If you wish to read more reviews, click here or on the graphic below.

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