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#BloggingAtoZchallenge – “G” is for….


Here is another installment in my #BloggingAtoZchallenge.  The letter for this post is “G”.   “G” is for God and growth and genuine.  First and foremost for our family, God is at the center of everything we do.  So homeschooling ensures our family includes that with almost every subject we do (with possibly the exception of Math).  We talk about God throughout our day.  This is a wonderful freedom to have.  Since my husband has been an ordained minister for over 24 years, this is important to our family.

G is also for growth.  I love seeing the growth in my children’s minds through homeschooling.  It allows them the freedom and flexibility to explore what interests them.  They are growing as members of society through various volunteer activities and our church involvement as well.

Finally, “G” is for genuine.  My children are able to express a genuine interest in something and have the opportunity to explore things for themselves.  For example, my daughter has a genuine love of drawing, so she is able to spend a portion of her day working on her art.  Because we homeschool, she can draw things that genuinely interest and excite her.  Here is a sample of her artwork.


As another example, my second son plans on eventually going into law enforcement, so he is able to take that genuine interest and do coursework relating for Criminal Justice and Forensic Science.  Things that capture their hearts and minds are able to be included in our school day.  As part of an upcoming review we are doing, my daughter is able to use a Science book from Memoria Press that is all about Trees.  Listening to her in the afternoon or evening as she gives a dissertation to her father is exciting to me.  I know she is genuinely learning and genuinely excited about the material we are using.

Of course, it is not always perfect around our home and with our homeschool, but when it works and our children are excited, it brings a sense of satisfaction.