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Review for CompuScholar’s Web Design


In these days where computer technology, blogging, and websites becoming more and more a part of life, I was thrilled that our family was selected to review Web Design by CompuScholar, Inc.  As a blogger and owner of a website relating to our homeschool, I felt this course would be an incredible source of information for me if not for our teenagers.


The topics included in Web Design include fundamental web design skills such as:

Basic website layout, HTML5 symbols and elements, Text styles, Hyperlink and Navigation Bars, CSS effects, spacing and positioning, Graphics and image editing, Tables, Page Design principles, Dynamic menus, Embedded audio and video, JavaScript and jQuery.   The course includes 28 chapters that are broken down into several lessons with individual quizzes to test the material covered in each lesson along with an activity for the chapter and a test that reviews all the material in the chapter.  By the time students complete the course, they will have created two websites.  There is also a mid-term project that is meant for more than one student to do together.

For our family, my youngest son and I worked on the course together.  Because of his other subjects, I decided to devote one week to each chapter.  So each lesson was basically done in a day.  Each lesson consists of a video that is well done and very informative, lesson text to be read by the student, and the lesson quiz.  The only exception is the days for the activities.  Those include reading about the assignment and then actually completing and submitting the activities.

My son is defnitely enjoying the course.  He found the activities to be fun.  He appreciated the fact that instructions are provided for both MAC and Windows computers.  He is finding the course to be very informative.  He likes the way the lessons are laid out.  He has been very successful with his quizzes, activites, and tests.  He took great pleasure in telling me his grades were “100” for every quiz and test he has taken.  I look forward to actually doing the coursework with him.  He actually is excited about doing the lessons, which is fantastic for a teenager.  My ultimate goal in us using this course is to be able to make improvements to my website eventually.  And he seems willing to help me with that endeavor.

Although we have not made it to the midterm project, I definitely plan on continuing the course.  I look forward to gaining knowledge I can utilize for my own websites.  CompuScholar, Inc. also offers other courses as well including Digital Savvy and Java Programming.  They offer the choice to purchase courses by the year or by the month.  There is also options for either self-study or teacher-led courses.  Once the initial log-in is completed, additional siblings can be added.

I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking for information on designing websites.  It definitely works well for an individual child or a group to do together.  There is a parent/instructor login that allows the parent/instructor to view the course material, check the grade book,  and even includes a section with tutorials on using the materials.

You can find CompuScholar, Inc.  on Social Media on Facebook at or on Twitter at   @compuscholar

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