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Review for Memoria Press’ First Form Greek Complete Set


Memoria Press is my go to for classical Christian homeschool curriculum so we were so excited to receive the First Form Greek Complete Set.  Through the years we have used several over their Latin programs including First Form Latin, so this seemed like it would be a good fit for our family.  The set includes:  the Student Text, Teacher Manual, a Student workbook, a Quizzes and Tests booklet, a teacher key for the workbook as well as the Quizzes and Tests booklet, a pronunciation CD, Vocabulary flashcards, and DVDS with the lessons on it.



My husband is an ordained Primitive Baptist preacher and our oldest son plans on becoming a Youth pastor, so we felt this program would be an excellent way to introduce Biblical Greek to our entire family.  Several of the churches we have attended have utilized the Greek language in either sermons or other teaching situations.  So we felt like this would be an excellent subject to learn with an excellent program.  And this program does not disappoint in that regard.

Ideally, students need to have two years of Latin instruction plus completed Memoria Press’ Greek Alphabet book.  Having done this without the Greek Alphabet book from Memoria Press, I have to state I definitely agree with that recommendation.  This is definitely a course better suited for high school students.  Parents need to be prepared to spend time with their children when completing the lessons.  The teacher’s manual does an excellent job of telling parents exactly what to say.

My children are ages 14, 16, 18 and 20 who did this program.  I have to say they were not particularly excited by the videos.  But the information was presented in a clear manner.  We wound up spending time reviewing the Greek Alphabet prior to beginning the First Form Greek materials.  Spending extra time on Lesson 1 is given as a viable way to introduce the material if you are not familiar with the Greek alphabet.  Each lesson consists of lessons on the DVD, pages in the textbook and pages in the workbook plus the quizzes and possibly tests at the end of the lessons.  The vocabulary cards are used to reinforce words the students are learning and then to review words they have already learned.  Once the video is watched, if there are multiple family members completing the program together, they can work independently on the textbook and workbook pages.  I found that having everyone complete the quizzes at the same time worked best for our family from our experiences with the Latin programs.

Here are some pictures of the textbook, workbooks, and teacher manuals.  On the introductory lesson, my youngest son even took the time to write his name in Greek.

While having experience with Greek is not a necessity for the parent-teacher, I have to say I think it definitely is helpful.  From our experience, I would also state the parents definitely need to be plan on being involved.  Using this program in a co-op or group setting definitely would be a plus.  This way the students have someone else to interact with and discuss lessons with regularly.  Plus it gives the parents someone else to help teach and explain the lessons.  This program is wonderful for those looking to enrich their knowledge of the Greek language for Biblical study purposes.  This program is rich in the classical education tradition and demonstrates all the necessary characteristics of a classical Christian curriculum.

If you wish to connect with the company, you can find Memoria Press at the following Social Media Links:

Twitter: @MemoriaPress

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