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Excitement for Several Upcoming Reviews

As a member of the Homeschool Review Crew, I have been excited about several reviews that are coming up.  One of them is for one of the companies I found very early on in our homeschooling journey.  That company is Lamplighter Publishing.  We have an entire bookcase just devoted to this company’s books.

These books are beautiful as they sit on the shelves.  The covers are so rich looking and the books are absolutely elegant when placed by each other on the shelves.  The covers exude elegance and richness.  These are books our family treasures.  Every book I have read have captured my interest and my imagination.

The only thing as good as the books themselves is to listen to the audiobooks.  Our family owns several of the audiobooks and have enjoyed listening to them several times each.  One of our favorites is “Sir Malcolm and the Missing Prince”.  So if your family is looking for timeless stories that are packaged in elegant books, look no further than Lamplighter Publishing.