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Review for Creative Freewriting Adventure by Home School Adventure Co

We have been flexing our creative writing muscles with Home School Adventure Co.’s Creative Freewriting Adventure.  This creative writing program inspired my children’s’ creativity.  I was familiar with Home School Adventure Co. prior to this review, so when I saw this particular product I was excited.  I liked the idea of having my children complete a program for creative writing.  For this review, our family received the Creative Freewriting Adventure and the Creative Freewriting Adventure Coloring books as downloadable products.

My younger three along with my mom worked in the Creative Freewriting Adventure Coloring book version, while my oldest son did the Creative Freewriting Adventure. must admit I was not completely certain of how my children would react to this product.  None of my children are aspiring writers.  But, I was very pleased with their reaction.  Upon receiving the product, I downloaded copies for our 14-year-old daughter, our 16-year-old son, our 18-year old son, as well as for my 20-year-old son and my mother who lives with us.  I choose to download them in black and white and then display the pages in color on my computer screen as we did the lessons.  This allowed me to save on ink.



On the Home School Adventure Co.’s website, the description of Creative Freewriting Adventure reads, “Bring joy and excitement into your student’s writing with these simple-to-execute (yet significant) writing exercises. No prep required. Just grab a pen and paper, set a timer, and have fun!”  My children definitely had fun with this program.

Each lesson consists of a reading portion and a 15-minute freewriting portion.  In the coloring book edition coloring pages are also included.  My children had one complaint consistently across the lessons we completed, but it was a complaint I could live with easily.  They complained there was not enough time to write everything they wanted to.

The first lesson involves a man called Thales, a well and an old man.  Here are some pictures of my children working along with some of their writing samples.  As we went through the lessons, I had a different family member read the background information which set the stage for the story.  Then I read the actual assignment so I could emphasize anything I felt was important.  Then we set the timer and the children began writing.  Other lessons refer to Socrates, Pythagoras, a visit to an alternative universe, talking animals and more.

Here are some picutres of them working.





And here are some of their coloring pages:

I made the decision to always allow my family to finish whatever sentence they were writing when the time ran out.  My children and my mom decided everyone should read their stories out loud.  We all enjoyed listening what everyone had written.  It was amazing to hear how much feeling, emotion and thought they put into their work.

My children so thoroughly enjoyed this program that we are planning on printing out additional copies so we can go back through the assignments at a more leisurely approach.  Once we print out the pages, I plan on inserting additional pages to allow for additional writing space.  Our plan is to do the regular freewriting assignment on Monday.  Then on Tuesdays, they will be allowed to add to and edit their work.  Wednesdays will be for group critiques along with grammar and writing lessons.  Thursdays they will do more editing.  Finally, on Friday they will turn in their finished product typed neatly.  I have to say this product really excited my children and caused their creative juices to truly flow.  So if you are looking for a fantastic creative writing program, Creative Freewriting Adventure and Creative Freewriting Coloring Book edition definitely fit the bill.

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