Enjoying our Christmas Break


So I always enjoy our Christmas break and especially enjoying spending time in the living room looking at the Christmas lights.  But it always is a little sad to see the Christmas tree come down.  Ours came down this week.  It makes our living room seem rather empty.  But there is so much promise in a new year and all the possibilities that come with it.

This past weekend, we took a trip to go shopping for groceries and other items.  Where we live at now, we only have one real grocery store chain to shop at and it is not particularly lactose-friendly.  Plus, we wanted to go to the commissary at Fort Hood.  So Friday we loaded up our twelve passenger van with our family and headed toward Austin – which was our first destination.

Our first stop was at Buc-ees midway on our trip.  While we were in this amazing convenience store, we bought several types of jerky to enjoy as a snack.  Then from there, we went to our next destination which was Costco.  We have been long time members of Sam’s Club but never lived close enough to one to make it worth our while to join.  However, we had been inside one on one of my husband’s trips for the Army Reserves.  We really liked what we saw.  When we moved to Texas, we were disappointed in our local Sam’s club.  Items found easily at our previous clubs were hard or impossible to find.  They seem to change their stock more frequently than our other clubs. This has proven to be rather problematic on more than one occasion.  I never remember having difficulty in finding something as simple as apple juice.

So where we live now is basically two hours from San Antonio, three hours from Austin and approximately two hours from Houston.  So this trip we headed toward Austin because we were ultimately heading to Fort Hood.  Arriving at Costco, we first had to obtain a membership.  This was handled easily and quickly by the employee helping us.  While helping us, she provided us with a wealth of personal knowledge and information along with a bagful of literature to read.  Then another employee actually took our picture and gave us our cards.  I have to say the cards are quite eye-catching.

Then we began our journey around the store.  We were amazed at some of the items we found.  Everything was clean, neat, and organized.  I found numerous items we would have bought had we been going straight home.  However, we were not coming home until Sunday evening, so things like fresh meat and frozen items were left behind.  Instead, we made the decision we would make a trip on another day to a store around Houston, which is slightly closer to us.  Still, we wound up with quite a load in our van.  I can already tell, we will be getting our money’s worth out of our membership.

So where is your favorite place to shop?  I would love to hear from you.

#IloveCostco  #Ilovemyfamily



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