Books, Books and Books – Oh Which Ones to Depart With

Books Books Books post

Our family is now in our tenth year of homeschooling.  Plus, I freely admit I am a bookaholic.  I love books of all shapes and sizes.  But when you are a military family and the military is moving you, weight becomes an incredible part of deciding to keep or get rid of things.  This includes our books.  Since we know we are slotted for new orders to Texas, this means we have to start the purging process.  It will be tedious and time consuming and most of it will rest solely on my shoulders.  I will ultimately be the one to decide what we want to keep and what we want to get release.  I know we will probably be able to send most of to good homes.  Others I am sure will go off to a local homeschool group’s library.  This gives me some small sense of satisfaction.

So for the next few months scaling down our books and other household items will be the priority.  Then once we have actually moved, the fun will be finding a church, friends and homeschool activities as well as a dance studio.

So what is going on in your world.

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