Resets and Reorganizations – Part 3


So in my past two posts, I have been talking about resetting and reorganizing our homeschool curriculum.  Today I want to talk about our second son and our choices for curriculum.  This is a child who plans on either going into the military or becoming a police officer.

Currently, he is doing an Algebra course taught by me.  He is also doing Daily Grams for Grammar.  We are waiting on his younger brother to finish Biology so we can begin Chemistry.  He is also working on an Introduction to Criminal Justice course.  So far things are going well in these areas.  Our biggest difficulty with this son is ensuring that he shows me his work each day.  We are working on this one.

I use Homeschool Skedtrack as our planner, namely because it is free, portable, and the children can also access it.  It makes it easy to keep track of where we are and where we want to be.  In the spring, he will add two courses regarding Forensic Science.  We will begin examining choices for electives for his senior year in the spring as well.

So that is where we are with our homeschool reset.  How is your school year going?  What are your favorite curriculum choices?  I would love to hear from you.

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