Resets and Reorganizations – Part 2


So yesterday I began discussing our family’s decision to re-evaluate where we were with our homeschooling so far this year.  As we evaluated our progress, needs and other aspects of our homeschooling year for our three children, we realized changes needed to be made.  Yesterday, I began with our youngest son.  Today I wish to talk about our only daughter, who is also the youngest.

Our daughter is “in” the 8th grade this year.  She is whizzing through Life of Fred Math and is already working in the Advanced Algebra book.  So we know that is working well for her.  She also does Daily Grams for Grammar and tends to whiz through it without problems.  She is reading through Mystery of History III for History.  So all of these will be staying the same.

For Science she has been doing an older version of the BJU Press Physical Science book.  This is one area that seems to need to change.  So I will be looking at alternatives to use.  When we make our decision, I will come back and share with all of you.

For Physical Education, she is doing Ballet and Modern Dance.  So she gets quite the workout on Thursday and Friday nights.

We still need to begin our Latin lessons, Literature Lessons, Institute for Excellence in Writing Student Intensive Continuation Course B, and our history program from Diane Waring – Romans, Reformers, and Revolutionaries.

For a number of months, our daughter would wake up at 6:00 am. She would go ahead and do her schoolwork and have it out of the way.  However, she stopped doing that.  So we are working on coming up with a schedule that works for her and works for us as well.

I would love to hear from you.  Feel free to share.

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