Resets and Reorganization


Sometimes no matter how much we as homeschoolers want things to be perfect in our homeschooling world, they are not that way.  Sometimes, it is necessary to examine our children, their work, their feelings and their reactions and figure out that changes are necessary.  Changes for homeschoolers sometimes are simple things – like switching the order of subjects or which room in the house to do schoolwork.  Other changes can be costly and more involved – like the realization that curriculum choices are not working.  Those times when curriculum changes need to take place bring pain, confusion and expense.

Yesterday was one of those days were Dennis and I needed to examine our children’s homeschool progress, curriculum and thoughts.  So one by one, we called the children into our room and talked with them.  First, we talked to our youngest son.  We knew he wasn’t happy with some things.  So he was slacking off on schoolwork.  Nothing is worse than trying to have a conversation when the other party refuses to answer.  But little by little (and it was quite the endeavor), we managed to find out what was going on with our son.   This son tends to be easily bored and in need of social interaction to stay entertained.  So we talked about what was working – Videotext Online for math, and Daily Grams for English.  We also talked about what was not working – namely History.  Because he needs social interaction just reading a textbook was not working.  He needed engagement.  The idea of doing anything one hundred percent online would not work.

So we bounced around some ideas.  We determined field trips, real books, more direct teaching/interaction, and more workbook style curriculum choices would be best.  We also discussed ideas concerning electives for the spring.  He needed some assistance with this, so we agreed we would meet and look through the Rainbow Resource catalog for ideas.  This catalog is an amazing resource.  It reminds me of when I was a girl and we would get the JC Penny or Sears catalogs.  There was such excitement to look through.  Only the Rainbow Resource catalog is full of ideas, curriculum choices and other resources, which become a treasure chest to homeschoolers.

Tomorrow, I will pick up our saga with our daughter.

So how are things where you are?  I would love to hear from you.

One thought on “Resets and Reorganization

  1. Oh man I totally understand needing to reevaluate, but it is tough to have to make those changes! We are still finding our footing as homeschoolers, and I feel like so much of what I planned was in vain! I guess it kind of goes back to how we aren’t doing “school at home” and so just like we don’t try to replicate a classroom we can’t plan like a classroom teacher does. It is a gift to be able to customize… but it is work too. Blessings on your journey as you figure out what comes next for your kiddos! (and I would love to have you link up at


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