“P” is Planning, People Purpose, Progress and Places


So it is another post for the Blogging A to Z challenge.  The letter for today is “P”.  “P” brings to mind the importance of planning when homeschooling.  Planning involves everything from assignments, courses, reading schedules, vacations, trips and even meals.  Nothing flows right when we don’t have a plan to follow.

Next, “P” is for all the people we interact with each week.  We may interact with friends, family members, clerks at a store, our neighbors, fellow church members or just someone we meet while going about our day to day routine.

“P” also stands for purpose.  Most things we do as homeschoolers have purpose.  Sometimes the purpose is to learn something about a topic, or it may be for the purpose of learning important skills like cooperation.  Other times the purpose may simply be for fun.  The purpose may also be to explore something of interest to a particular child.

“P” also stands for progress.  While many choose to let only a numerical grades dictate progress, I take a different view.  While I feel numerical grades are important in terms of high school transcripts, I feel that progress may be demonstrated by improving scores, increasing attention to details in a subject or possibly demonstrating knowledge that has been learned when talking to a family member or friend.

“P” is also for the places we can go either in our minds, through books or in person during our homeschooling journey.  We have the ability to see all kinds of places during many different time periods.  With a good book, I can to all different kinds of places.

So what comes to mind when you see the letter “P”?  I would love to see  your comments.

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