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“R” is for Rebecca, Rain, Rainbows and Reason


Today is another day of the Blogging A to Z challenge and the letter of the day is “R”.

For me when i see the letter “R”, Rebecca, rain and reason come to mind.

Rebecca is our only princess in the house.  She brings a lot of joy to our home.  She also brings a lot of excitement, adventure and emotion to our home.  She is quite a handful at times.  Yet she is also the joy of my world.  She brings happiness in her own special way.

“R” is also for rain.  With us homeschooling our children, rainy days are a great time to curl up with a good book and read.  Rainy days also lend themselves to discussions or essays about rain and weather in general.  Rain also leads sometimes to another word that comes to mind regarding the letter “R”.  That word is a rainbow.

A rainbow represents God’s promise to His people that He will never destroy the world again with a flood.  It provides a beautiful reminder of God’s love for His people.

Finally, “R” is for reason which is the ability to think things through and come to a logical and rational conclusion.  So what comes to mind when you see the letter “R”?  I would love to hear from you.

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“Q” is for “Quite” and “Quiet”


It’s another day of the Blogging A to Z challenge.  Today’s letter is “Q”.  For me “Q” is for quite and quiet.

“Q” stands for “Quite”.  We have quite a lot of books in our home since we homeschool.  Also we have done quite a large variety of subjects and things over the year.  It is quite a lot to keep up with our children’s interests.  There are quite a few things that we have to get done during the day.  Moreover, there are quite a lot of subjects we still want to cover in the future.

“Q” also stands for “Quiet”, something that our home often is not.  Many times our home rings with “Quite” a lot of noise.  They express their thoughts and ideas with strong loud voices.  At other times our home is still and quiet with no sounds to be heard anywhere.  It is those times I can appreciate the silence.  Other times, I am desperate to hear something to indicate I am not alone in our home.  After all, as I heard, read and been told many times, “Silence is deafening.”.  Sometimes too much “quiet” is a bad thing rather than a good thing.

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“P” is Planning, People Purpose, Progress and Places


So it is another post for the Blogging A to Z challenge.  The letter for today is “P”.  “P” brings to mind the importance of planning when homeschooling.  Planning involves everything from assignments, courses, reading schedules, vacations, trips and even meals.  Nothing flows right when we don’t have a plan to follow.

Next, “P” is for all the people we interact with each week.  We may interact with friends, family members, clerks at a store, our neighbors, fellow church members or just someone we meet while going about our day to day routine.

“P” also stands for purpose.  Most things we do as homeschoolers have purpose.  Sometimes the purpose is to learn something about a topic, or it may be for the purpose of learning important skills like cooperation.  Other times the purpose may simply be for fun.  The purpose may also be to explore something of interest to a particular child.

“P” also stands for progress.  While many choose to let only a numerical grades dictate progress, I take a different view.  While I feel numerical grades are important in terms of high school transcripts, I feel that progress may be demonstrated by improving scores, increasing attention to details in a subject or possibly demonstrating knowledge that has been learned when talking to a family member or friend.

“P” is also for the places we can go either in our minds, through books or in person during our homeschooling journey.  We have the ability to see all kinds of places during many different time periods.  With a good book, I can to all different kinds of places.

So what comes to mind when you see the letter “P”?  I would love to see  your comments.

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“O” is for Organization and Opportunities


Here is another day of the Blogging A to Z challenge.  “O” is for opportunities and Organization.

The first thing that comes to mind when I see the letter “O” is organization.  As a homeschooling family, organization is paramount to everything we do.  It is important for us to organize everything from schoolwork, to laundry to chores to meals and even free time.  It is important for us to have plans and ideas of what we hope to accomplish.

“O” also brings to mind opportunities.  As a homeschooling family, it is important for us to pay attention to opportunities that arise.  These may be opportunities for classes, field trips and service projects.  We may be able to help a neighbor, friend or fellow church member.

So what comes to mind when you read the letter “O”?

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“N” is for Nathan, Nature, Noise, NaNoWriMo, NaBloPoMo


So I somehow missed getting this actually posted the other day.  But here is my “N” post for the Blogging A to Z challenge.  I am really enjoying this challenge.  Some letters are definitely easier than others.

The first thing that comes to mind when I see the letter “N” is Nathan.  He is my 3rd son and is going to turn 15 this year.  He is my very active, always looking for something to do son.  He keeps me on my toes.  He loves to talk and to draw and build Legos.  I love my son.

“N” is also for Nature.  Taking nature walks, especially when my children were younger was a great way to spend time learning and being outside as well.  Art can also be incorporated into Nature walks by keeping a Nature journal.

“N” is also for noise.  With us homeschooling, our family frequently has quite a bit of noise.  I know my children will be out of my house all to soon and the noise level will be gone.

“N” is also for NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo as well.  I have learned about these two challenges in the past year and have really enjoyed participating in them.  I have learned so much from these experiences.

So what does “N” bring to mind for you?

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“M” is for Mystery of History, Males, and Memories


Here is my next post for the Blogging A to Z challenge.  Today’s letter is “M”.  For me, “M” is for Mystery of History, Males and Memories.

Mystery of History is one of my favorite History programs.  I was introduced to it when we first started homeschooling.  Throughout the years, we have enjoyed listening to it, reading it and doing the assignments for it.  There is such a variety of activities to complete.  The author Linda Lacour Hobar acutally reads all the volumes for the audiobooks.  She does a fantastic job with this and the music that plays in the background is fantastic.

Next “M” is for males.  In a household of 6, males dominant our home.  With a husband and three sons, there is never a dull moment around our home.  They keep life exciting.

“M” is also for memories.  My children provide a large variety of memories over the years.  One of my favorite memories is taking our family to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg.  The park lends itself to creating memories that will last a lifetime.  This year might bring one of the best memories with my daughter possibly being tall enough finally to ride all the rollercoasters in the park.  We will see how many she actually choses to ride.

So what comes to mind for you when you see the letter “M”?  I look forward to hearing from you.