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“I” is for Involved and Interest


The letter for today the Blogging A to Z challenge is “I”, which for me is for interesting and involved.  Because we homeschool, I want our curriculum choices to keep our children involved in what they are learning.  The more involved they are, the more likely it is that they will retain the information.  The more involved they are with what they are doing, the more they complete for the subject.

“I” is also for interesting.  As I scan for curriculum choices,  I try to keep in mind what interests that particular child has.  For example one of my children is interested in Criminal Justice.  He is currently in high school, so curriculum electives that involve Criminal justice keep him engaged and involved in what he is learning.  Another son is interested in anything that has to do with the various world wars.  So for him, literature choices and such that deal with wars or those time periods will keep him focused.  Some of our children enjoy doing things that are hands-on.  So things that have manipulatives, labs or other things they can do are helpful.

So what interests you?  What does the letter “I” bring to mind for you?