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“H” is for Homeschooling Conventions, Happiness, Hearts

Psalm 37 4

Today’s letter for the Blogging A to Z challenge is “H”.  “H” for me brings to mind several things.  But given the time of the year it is, homeschooling conventions is one of the most prominent ones that comes to mind.  It is the time of year when all across our nation homeschoolers gather in great numbers at various conventions.  These meeting places provide a wealth of speakers, curriculum choices and opportunities to meet and talk with other homeschoolers.  Typically our family attends at least two conventions a year.  Since we currently reside in Pennsylvania, we attend the CHAP convention in Harrisburg on Mother’s Day weekend.  It is a great opportunity to see different curriculum choices in person.  This allows us to be sure we are making the best choices for our family.

These conventions also tend to bring happiness to our family because we treat them as mini-vacations.  We stay at hotels that usually have swimming pools and locations that provide opportunities to visit interesting, educational, historical or fun opportunities.  Sometimes, Dennis takes our children and does something fun with the children while I spend extra time at the conventions.

Our children’s hearts are important to us as well.  We want to keep our children’s hearts firmly tied both to our family and more importantly to God.  This means we need to spend quality time with each other and in God’s word.

What does “H” bring to mind for you?

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“G” is for God, Generosity, and Geometry


The letter for yesterday for the “Blogging A to Z Challenge” was “G”.

“G” is for God.  We are a Christian family and we attempt to place God at the center of everything we do.  This means when we buy curriculum we strive to find Christian publishers that line up with what the Bible says.  Fortunately, there are a great number of them that are available to us.  We search out and examine our choices prior to purchasing anything.

“G” is also for generosity.  We strive to be generous in giving of our time, talents and money.  We strive to give God the glory for all He has given us.

“G” is for Geometry.  As we attempt to finish Algebra with two of our children this year, it means that Geometry is on our horizon.  I plan on using either Alpha Omega publications Monarch for Geometry, Life of Fred, or Videotext Interactive Online Geometry for our remaining three children.  Each child learns differently so it is important to find the correct match for that child.

What does “G” represent for you?