“F” is for Flexibility and Freedom and Fun

The letter of today is “F”, which is for flexibility, freedom and fun.  One of the benefits of homechooling Is flexibility.  We have the flexibility to choose what we want to do something, how we want to do things and the ability to change what is not working.  I love that we have the flexibility to change our calendar if something better comes along – like an educational trip or a need to return to North Carolina for something.  I have the ability to change what subjects need to be done on a given day.  I also have the ability to start over from scratch when things are not working for one child in one subject or for all the children with all subjects.

We have freedom from having to use the same materials for each child or doing every single leson in a book.  I have the freedom to say to my child, “you know this material so you may move on.”  I also have the freedom to say if you complete the same work as an older sibling in a higher grade that you may be bumped up to that grade.  I also have the freedom to teach for mastery rather than teaching to a test.  I have the freedom to decide how to measure progress and what is required of each child.

Finally, “f” stands for fun.  Fun activities can be turned into eductionl experiences.  for example a visit to an amuse,wnt park can teach fundamentals of physics and science using rollercoasterx.  It can also turn into. Math lesson when calculating the cost of tickets, food and drinks or merchandise,  Communicstikn and language arts skills can be taught by interacting with those people we encounter or writing a journ, entry about the trip.

So “f” for me stands for fun, freedom and flexibility.  What do you think of that begins with “f”?

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